Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 – 2024 Review

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 – 2024 Review

Have you ever considered the amount of time we spend in bathrooms? It is the best place to be alone, read a magazine, or win six more levels in Candy Crush.

That is why I think that the most comfortable thing there must be a toilet. It should have not only ideal seating but also pleasant-to-touch material, clog less flushing system, and time-saving cleaning options.

Is your current toilet difficult to clean, difficult to maintain, or does it not fit in your modern bathroom? So it is time to install a high-quality, easy to clean and reliable Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 toilet that the customer falls in love with.

Swiss Madison is a master at creating exquisite products with cutting edge design aimed at improving the daily life of its customers, the Chateau One Piece toilet is an innovative and elegant product with an exceptional design with two flushes, waste with one eliminated single download.

Having an elongated comfort height bowl ensures that you can, unlike the traditional configuration, sit comfortably without stressing yourself. The product comes with a glazed and concealed trap-way as well as a smoother and less utilitarian appearance.

In this article, I have reviewed this product so that you can gain knowledge about its features and pros and cons then you will decide whether it suits your needs or not.

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 – Specifications:

Product Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254
Brand Swiss Madison Well Made Forever
Color Glossy White
Overall length (Inches) 26.6 x 15 x 31 inches
Weight 120  Pounds
Material Ceramic
Shape Elongated
Certification Water Sense
Installation Method Floor Mounted
Flush type Water-Saving Toilet
Flow Rate 1.28 Gallons Per Minute
Flush Technology Dual Tornado Flush
Water Consumption 1.28 Gallons Per Flush
Size Round Front
Style Left Hand
Warranty One-year limited warranty
Price Check On Amazon

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 St. Tropez One Piece Toilet:

This is a sleek and elegant toilet that will instantly change the appearance of your bathroom. The St. Tropez toilet is a one-piece design, which means cleaning and maintenance are more natural. It features a skirted design that gives it a luxurious look. Also, the skirted design makes cleaning seamless as there are no corners to scrub.

Additionally, the toilet is made of ceramic, which is sturdy and ensures that the toilet lasts longer. On top of that, it features a soft close seat that closes slowly and quietly. So, there’s no more banging on the toilet seat. Besides, the soft close seat has chrome hinges that make cleaning to be simple.

Even with its lovely design, the Swiss Madison St. Tropez one-piece toilet clears waste very efficiently. Thanks to the dual tornado flushing system that is very effective. For liquid wastes, you can use 0.8 GPF, while for solid wastes, you can use 1.28 GPF. With such a water usage rate, you will end up conserving water and reducing your water bill.

When it comes to installation, there is nothing to worry about. The unit comes with some unique holes to access the bolts. Besides, the bolt caps and wax ring are included for ease of installation.

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 St. Tropez One Piece Toilet



No matter your bathroom’s decoration and style, you should not worry about anything because the Swiss Madison one-piece toilet blends well with classic or contemporary styles.

The Swiss Madison St Tropez is a modern toilet with a smooth, sleek design and reminds me a lot of the Woodbridge toilets. By choosing this item, you can rest assured that it can match your existing theme. The glossy white toilet is a sleek and lovely one that can stay looking new and pleasant for many years to come.

With this said, you don’t also have to replace it sooner. But in addition to the sleek and elegant appearance, this toilet is surprisingly very affordable.

Easy To Clean:

The Swiss Madison St Tropez has a smooth trapway design that not only looks fabulous but is also very easy to maintain.  This smooth base design is very popular these days and I love how easy they are to wipe and clean.  Who likes to clean toilets?  Not many people, so a simple and smooth base is definitely a positive feature for cleaning and maintenance.

Speaking of cleaning, this model is a one-piece toilet.  One-piece toilets do not have a gap between the tank and bowl, a meaningless area for dirt and bacteria to flourish.  The St Tropez’s seamless design makes cleaning this area so much easier.

Easy installation:

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 - Easy installation


Just like the Kohler K-3493-0 Classic, this toilet offers ease of installation. Setting it up is easy.

This toilet’s simple design makes it effortless to install. It comes with all the bolts, wax rings, and bolt kits you’ll need. Besides being somewhat heavy, it is simple to install and no particular service is needed, especially if you know how to handle basic appliance installations.

Comfort Height:

The base is not only stylish and attractive but also convenient in height. Measuring 16.5 inches from floor to the edge, this toilet is ADA compliant and suitable for a wide variety of users. It is approximately 2 inches taller than standard height toilet seats and resembles a normal kitchen chair in height.

A Comfort Height toilet is not only suitable for taller people, but also for elderly and disabled people. Anyone who finds standing or sitting on a normal toilet uncomfortable will benefit greatly from the extra height that a comfort height toilet offers.

Slim Tank:

The St Tropez can also additionally have a bit greater height, but it’s far nonetheless pretty compact. Measuring handiest 26.5″ in duration, this version has a small footprint and is right for bathrooms of all sizes. As you may see in the photo above, this bathroom has a slimline tank. The tank can be a bit taller than many others, but this lets in it to a degree a bit much less in duration and makes it greater area efficient.

Also, although it is an exquisite area saver for small lavatories, it nonetheless has an elongated form bowl. Elongated form bowls are kind of 2″ longer than preferred spherical bowls, and are greater spacious for the consumer to take a seat down on. To have an elongated formed bowl and nonetheless, a compact layout could be an advantageous characteristic for plenty of people.

Soft Close Seat:

This toilet features a soft closing seat so you can avoid slamming the toilet lid. The quick-release seat can be removed from the toilet for easier cleaning behind the lid.

This makes a nice change from the manufacturer’s upselling this after you’ve made the purchase. The quiet close feature is also highly recommended if you currently have an old seat that tends to slam shut. Both from a damage prevention point of view and for people who want peace and quiet in the household.

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 - Soft Close Seat


Dual Flush Technology:

It has a two-flush system, one of these flushes uses less water than the other. This is commonly known as a dual flush. People who prioritize the amount of water consumed will find this model appealing too. A 0.8 / 1.28 GPF flow rate shows just how efficient it can be in comparison to older units.

And unlike the traditional use of a trip lever on the side of a toilet’s tank, the SM-1T254 uses buttons located on the lid of the tank instead.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dual Flush Technology: One of the things that make the Swiss Madison toilet a decent choice for many homeowners is its flushing technology that you won’t be able to find in other models.
  • Pleasing Design: No matter your bathroom’s decoration and style, you should not worry about anything because the Swiss Madison one-piece toilet blends well with classic or contemporary styles.
  • Tornado Design: You will also save much effort because you don’t need to clean this toilet often. This St. Tropez has a unique tornado design. It does not just offer dual flushing technology, but also has a design that is able to get rid of the blockage in the bowl.
  • Easy Installation: This item comes with special holes, allowing for easier reaching of the bolts. This set also comes with a wax ring and bolt caps. Surely, you will not have a hard time installing it because it already includes the things you need.
  • Quick Release Seat: This is another unique feature of the sublime toilet that you might want to consider. It is designed with a quick-release seat, which allows for easy and quick cleaning all the time.

Pros And Cons:

  • This item also has a modern design that offers you elegance and additional style in your bathroom.
  • This product is also made from superior quality materials.
  • Easy To Install.
  • It is made with porcelain for a durable and dependable lifespan.
  • It has a soft closing and quiet seat.
  • It is an Eco-friendly Water Sense certified toilet.
  • Factory-made side holes make it easy to have access to floor bolts during installation
  • It has easy to clean design.
  • They have efficient customer service.
  • Warning on the California’s Proposition 65.
  • Poor overall quality when compared to the price and other products in its range.
  • It has a non-sturdy seat cover.




Is Swiss Madison a good brand?
Swiss Madison may not be as well known as the likes of TOTO, Kohler, and American Standard, however, it is a company that is developing a solid reputation for building affordable, high-quality toilets. Swiss Madison has been in the market for some time, and they are committed to producing innovative and high-quality toilets that consumers love.
Where is Swiss Madison from?
Swiss Madison LLC is located in Dayton, NJ, United States, and is part of the Wood Product Manufacturing Industry. Swiss Madison LLC has 40 total employees across all of its locations and generates $5.26 million in sales (USD).
Is swiss Madison a good toilet brand?
Swiss Madison seems to be a good choice for toilet users. It has the features you need, and it provides quality at an affordable price. The Swiss Madison is a 14″ rough-in, which means that when installed with a traditional wax ring and flange, there will be no visible screws on the outside of your bathroom floor. This model also comes in elongated (one-piece) or round bowl shapes. The design of this toilet makes it really easy to clean!
How should I fix a running toilet?
First and foremost, you need to identify the faulty part. In this case, it is normally a bad flapper that causes the toilet to run. Simply buy a new flapper and replace it with the faulty one. But you also need to check if the tank has a leakage just to be sure.


To Sum Up:

Deciding which type of toilet to choose for your home is very important, especially if you live in the same apartment with other people. You need a product that will run as quietly as possible whenever you flush, especially after you’ve just expelled the solid waste.

Aside from being quiet, they save water, are easy to clean, and have toilet bowls and heights that make you comfortable.

One of the key things about Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 that impresses us is it comes with two powerful nozzles that remove the grime left behind by a squeaky toilet. One other great feature to pay attention to is the toilet has a very stylish and modern design with an elongated bowl that complements the bathroom decor.

According to the points I covered in this Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 toilet review, I can confidently say that it is a well-rounded product.

I will highly recommend this product to you all.



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