Kohler Highline Toilet Review in 2024 –  Comfort Height toilet

Kohler Highline Toilet Review in 2024 – Comfort Height toilet

Kohler is a brand known for the making of bathroom products. These products range between standard to top class, that are estimated sensibly, regardless of whether there are numerous less expensive alternatives accessible in the market. The Highline is one of their best toilet models, offered in a few statures and many other features that fit the requirements of various purchasers.

In general, this Kohler Highline toilet is an amazing one, however, it is somewhat overrated thinking about what you get. It’s just accessible in a two-piece plan, which implies that gaskets will ultimately require supplanting and there are a lot of regions for soil, grime, and general terribleness to amass. The snare ways are noticeable, which means considerably more regions to trap soil and microbes.

The toilet looks nice and clean, however, there are many alternatives available that are more stylish and amazing. It includes a perfect plan yet doesn’t do anything rich to stand separated from the numerous different toilets available.

One thing that separates this product from others is its flush. This toilet utilizes a practical measure of water, but since it has a class five flush, it works effectively by eliminating waste and keeping the bowl neat and clean. Nonetheless, there is a single flush, dissimilar to numerous other toilets available that have a double flush system.

Kohler Highline Toilet Review in 2021

How to install Kohler Highline Classic Toilet

Tools Require

  • Putty Knife
  • Wrench
  • Hacksaw
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Sponge
  • Replacement wax seal


  1. First of all, flush the old toilet and remove all the water from the toilet tank
  2. Now unscrew all the nuts and move the toilet side to side, in this way the wax seal will loosen up
  3. Remove the toilet and use the putty knife to remove the old wax ring
  4. Attach the new seal to the bottom of the new toilet
  5. Accurately align the toilet on the flange
  6. Tighten the screws
  7. Now it’s time to attach the toilet tank to the seat
  8. Connect the water supply to the toilet

Kohler Highline K-3999-0 Specifications

Brand Kohler
Color White
Installation type Floor mounted
Weight 93 pounds
Warranty 1 year
Water consumption 1.28 gallons
Flush Water-saving toilets
Certifications Water sense
Number of handles 1
Material Virtuous china
Shape Elongated
Price Range Check On Amazon

Material and design

It is a two-piece design with an elongated bowl. This toilet seat has a comfortable height that is most suitable for adults having knee joint issues. You can sit comfortably on it.

There is a chrome trip lever on the left side of the toilet to flush. Kohler K-3999-0 is basically a combination of two amazing toilets. The tank has qualities like K-4467 and the bowl is much like a K-4199.

Flushing Technology

Kohler K-3999-0 works on single flush technology, it is so powerful that it removes all the waste and makes the toilet bowl neat and clean. It also utilizes the Class Five flushing technology that further enhances the rinsing power.

Kohler Highline Toilet Flushing Technology

Water consumption

These toilets are water sense certified. It consumes 1.28 gpf that is reasonable and enough for cleaning the bowl.

Overall Quality

When we talk about the overall quality of the Kohler toilet, these toilets look stylish and classic. Its elongated and comfortable seat makes it worth buying especially for people having knee joint issues.

Pros And Cons

  • Its Comfort Height Seating is especially designed for the people having knee joint problems
  • Class five flush technology makes the rinsing power strong enough
  • It is an economical flush
  • It doesn’t have a dual flush system
  • It is a little pricey



Customer Reviews

There are mixed reviews of the customers regarding this toilet, some of them are happy whereas some are not. Let’s see some customer reviews:

  1. It is noticeably taller than the ordinary commode and flushes easily with minimal water. We attached a cool-water bidet seat and a free-standing toilet frame arm support, and are super happy with the result.”
  2. Didn’t come with a seat or toilet flange bolts. It also wasn’t 17-19”. It measured slightly over 16
  3. The directions could be more clear and concise. The wax seal I purchased was included as a suggestion at my time of purchase and we ended up tossing it out and purchasing the old-fashioned wax seals. The toilet itself is a nice one. I was thinking it would be a little bit taller than it is. Also, for the price of the unit, I think the flushing handle is pretty chintzy. So a mixed review at this point.
  4. I like it because it is a very large bowl, and it is high enough to make sitting easy, it flushes fast and completely. The only problem I had, was the china caps that go on top of the closet bolts were in the box with the water tank. I installed the bowl first, and I had to take the nuts off the bolts to put the caps on when I found them, but that was not a hard thing to do. It would make sense to put the bolt caps in the bowl box.”
  5. Excellent toilet never clogs. I have a cheaper brand I installed in another bathroom (1/3 the price). I will never go cheap again, pay a little more for a far superior product.”


Kohler K-3999-0 is a simple and standard toilet, it’s not something more amazing than the alternatives available in the market. This toilet is more like a standard one but it depends on the way you want your toilet to look.

But the amazing feature about this toilet is its Class Five Flushing technology that enhances the rinsing power of the flush. It eliminates the waste and makes your toilet bowl neat and clean.

The major problem with this toilet is that it’s a bit pricey as compared to the other toilets available in the market. Because of its exposed trapways, this toilet is prone to dust and dirt. You have to spend time cleaning.

But still, this toilet is a good choice. If you want to purchase it, it will be a good choice.

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