Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort Height Smart Design Toilet

Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort Height Smart Design Toilet

The Kohler Company was founded in 1873, before most homes even had a toilet, and has since grown stronger with various models familiar in homes across the United States for its comfortable height, which makes the seat higher than standard toilets, and the reduced flush, which saves hundreds of gallons of water every year.

The Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa toilet is a high-efficiency one-piece toilet that has a seamless easy-to-clean design. Its elongated seat is comfortable and the comfort height makes sitting and standing easier for most adults. It’s one of Kohler’s most dependable models. This toilet features a unique low-profile design that will complement many bathroom decors.

A lousy toilet can be a nightmare in your home. From regular unclogging to cleaning the toilet after every use, you can quickly get disgusted. Hence, it is an awesome idea to choose the most ideal flushing toilet for your home to avoid such struggles.

Santa Rosa toilet Review:

Santa Rosa toilet Review


Kohler Santa Rosa Specifications:

Material China
Item Dimensions 31 x 20.75 x 29 inches
Item Weight 102 pounds
Size 12 Inch
Shape Elongated
Installation Method Floor Mounted
Water consumption 1.28 Gallons per Flush
Flush Type Gravity Flush Toilets
Certification WaterSense
Warranty One-year limited warranty
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Kohler Santa Rosa One Piece Toilet:

The Kohler K-3811-0 Santa Rosa one-piece toilet is beautifully designed and will change the look of your bathroom the moment you install it. The low-profile toilet is made of vitreous china, which means that you can rely on it for several years to come. Despite having an elongated bowl, this toilet takes up minimal space that is similar to a round bowl toilet.

Comfort Height:

The traditional toilet has a seat that is about 15 inches off the floor. The Kohler Santa Rosa increases the seat height by another five centimeters to 17 centimeters. Getting up from a 17-inch high toilet seat is a lot easier, especially if you have a bad back. It’s also a better height for people over six feet, as they can sometimes feel uncomfortable in a standard seat.

Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort Height


This toilet uses the AquaPiston flushing system that allows the water to flow a full 360 degrees inside the bowl, boosting the flushing power and effectiveness. It uses single-flush gravity that further increases the efficiency of the flush as the water enters the bowl around the precisely engineered trapway.

The toilet uses only 1.28 gallons per flush. The low water usage makes the Santa Rosa EPA WaterSense certified, which makes you eligible for significant rebates on your water bills, depending on your location. In addition, the glazed trapway increases flushing power.

This, in many places, means that you can have rebates on your water bills. This also means that you’re being kind to the environment. And don’t think that just because it has 1.28 gallons per flush that it won’t perform! No way. Kohler makes up for that in pressure and design.

Single Piece:

The single-piece design of the Kohler Santa Rosa is modern and sleek with no hidden or hard-to-reach surfaces, so it’s extremely easy to wipe down and keep clean. It’s attractive, available in several colors, and is well suited to minimalist designs.

Easy to Clean:

The Kohler Santa Rosa provides efficient cleaning with its combination of AquaPiston technology and 360-degree flush motion. When flushing, water reaches all of the corners and contours of the bowl, removing all waste in one flush.

The trap way has a glazed coating that, along with the shape of the bowl and the pressure at which the water comes in, gives a guaranteed clean bowl with every flush.

Because of its smooth curve design, this toilet doesn’t have any intricate lines or hidden corners, which makes cleaning seamless and effortless. Further, it doesn’t come with any special finish, which allows you to use any standard cleaning agent.

Smart Design:

The Kohler Santa Rosa toilet is made from vitreous china and boasts a smart design. Its corners are rounded to ensure easy cleaning. This toilet also features a chrome flush handle.

At first sight, the Kohler Santa Rosa toilet is sleek and curvaceous, kind of like a sexy sports car, but a toilet. Made from shiny vitreous china and easy on the eyes. The height of the toilet is made in a way that makes it easy to sit and stand. It’s has a compact elongated bowl, and definitely doesn’t take up much space.

Additionally, this toilet comes with a Brevia Quiet-Close toilet seat. The seat has a comfort height feature that makes it ideal for adults and its compact oval bowl provides more seating room, ensuring maximum comfort.

Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa Easy to Clean


Space In Your Bathroom:

The shape of the toilet bowl is one of the key details to consider. Rounded bowls often save more space. Elongated bowls, on the other hand, bring much more comfort.

The material of Kohler Santa Rosa’s one-piece toilet is made of vitreous china, which is a common choice because of the reasonable price and nice quality. The size of the product is compact (12 inches), and it should not take up much space in your bathroom.

The Santa Rosa offers an elongated shape and is widely known for bringing maximum comfort without taking up too much space.

Is The KOHLER Santa Rosa Worth It?


After going through this Kohler Santa Rosa review, it’s going to be hard to find any reason not to. What makes it even more appealing is that because it is ADA compliant, this means it has been approved and found suitable for use in offices and in the public in general.

It looks amazing, sleek, is easy to clean, and has impressive flushing power, not to mention that it will probably be a breeze to install as well, just get someone to help you!

You’ll also find that the price is affordable and worthwhile because Kohler is well known to have effective and helpful customer service in case you need any help whatsoever.

Just make sure you have a general idea of how to install it and set the tank to maximum water fill, otherwise, you could be disappointed. The good news is, if you are concerned about water conservation, setting the toilet to the max, does not mean that it will use more water with each flush. It still only uses 1.6 GPF.

The Kohler Santa Rosa is definitely worth a look at. Along with having curves and a unique style that’s bound to light up any bathroom, it also holds a number of extra advantages that are sure to make you a happy camper (in the bathroom, that is!).

Features and Specifications of Kohler Santa Rosa Comfort Height Toilet:

The Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa toilet design with an elongated bowl is a great addition to any modern bathroom. Made of cotton white color, this toilet is also of a chair-height seat which makes sure that users have the comfort that they deserve when they visit the bathroom.

The 3810-0 Santa Rosa toilet is the perfect example of an advanced toilet as it uses one of the most powerful flushing systems that utilize only 1.28 gallons of water per flush. Therefore, you can be guaranteed to save water or get a rebate on your water bill if your state does so.

In addition to these great features, the oblong bowl toilet is very easy to install as it comes with a standard 12-inch bracket. Plus, if you’re a DIY enthusiast, all you need is a new wax seal, nuts, and bolts to hold the toilet in place.

Cleaning this toilet isn’t a problem at all. Because the one-piece design prevents mold, bacteria, and dirt from sticking or developing as it has no seams or crevices like in two-piece toilets.

Features and Specifications of Kohler Santa Rosa Comfort Height Toilet

Highlighted Features:

  • One-piece Toilet: Its one-piece configuration provides a uniform look and simplifies installation.
  • Elongated Bowl: Its elongated bowl offers comfort and convenience, extending out an extra 1-1/2″ compared to a round configuration.
  • AquaPiston: AquaPiston single flush canister technology uses the force of gravity and a precision-engineered tank, bowl, and trapway to create a strong, efficient siphon during flushing.
  • Comfort Height: Comfort Height toilets offer the greatest accessibility and ease of use with a bowl height of between 16-1/2″ and 18″, the same as a standard chair.
  • WaterSense certified: The toilet uses 20% less water than the current standard while still maintaining superior performance.
  • ADA compliant: It complies with the standards for toilets set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Pros And Cons Of The Kohler Santa Rosa Compact Elongated Toilet:

  • It has a powerful and efficient Aquapiston flushing system that clears contents in one flush.
  • The toilet is ADA compliant and WaterSense certified.
  • It provides comfort to the user as it comes with a standard or chair height.
  • It is very easy to clean as it is a one-piece toilet.
  • A lot of water is saved as it just uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush.
  • It has a seat included in the purchase, thus no need to buy a separate seat.
  • Many users have complained that the toilet clogs easily and usually needs at least flushing twice to clear the waste in the bowl.
  • Sometimes leakage has been reported but customer care is always here to help.
  • The lid that comes with the toilet is somehow thin.
  • Installation can be a bit tricky.




How high is Kohler Comfort Height?
Kohler’s comfort height toilet, commonly known as chair height, typically measures above 17 inches. This height is best for taller individuals and people with mobility issues. On the other hand, standard height toilets measure below 17 inches.
How much does the Kohler Santa Rosa toilet weigh?
Kohler Santa 3810-0 weighs about 102 pounds. One thing about the Kohler Santa Rosa that may not be for everyone is that they are a little heavy due to the one-piece design, especially if you need to install it on a second floor or in an apartment building.
Does it come with a slow close toilet seat?
Many models do come with a slow close toilet seat, but there are a few they don’t. The addition of the slow-close toilet seat may also be dependent on the seller. However, each model will come with a seat that will allow you to begin using the toilet immediately without any additional purchase.
Is it a quiet flush?
While there is no dB rating on the package giving us a scientific measurement, we found these toilets to be much quieter than other brands that use the canister flushing system but are slightly louder than traditional flaps.
How long is the warranty?
The warranty may vary depending on who is selling it, but in most cases, it’s a one-year limited warranty.
Is This Toilet Easy to Install?
Installing the Santa Rosa system shouldn’t give you any trouble. It comes with a standard 12-inch rough-in so you probably will not need a plumber to set it up. Anyone with basic DIY skills should be able to install it alone. However, due to the weight, we recommend having at least 2 people to help install this unit.



I hope that among all Kohler Santa 3810-0 Rosa toilet reviews, you have also found this one helpful. Overall, Kohler Santa Rosa is a quality toilet with a comfortable height that needs only 1.28 gallons to flush the wastes.

The comfort height is perfect for taller people and those with back problems because it is significantly easier to get up from when you finish using it. If you have been using a traditional toilet, the water savings you will experience in the first year alone will help pay for the toilet.

There are many color options for this toilet, so you can choose one if you do not like the white variant. Keep in mind that other colors cost more, though there is no difference in features between them. I hope this Kohler Santa Rosa review article will help a lot to take the right decision.

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