How to Solve the Problem of toilet water Rises then Slowly Drains?

How to Solve the Problem of toilet water Rises then Slowly Drains?

There is nothing more irritating than seeing your toilet full of shit; this is because when you flush the poop, the water slowly drains and that causes this mess. There are many causes of the slow drainage of water.

Many times poop or something is stuck in your toilet’s drainage pipes, which causes the clogging of water. The clogged toilet with the poop would ruin all the luxury of your home even if you spent millions of dollars on it. You might think about how we can unclog the poop stuck in your toilet?

There are some solutions to the situations if your toilet is not flushing, something clogged in your toilet, or poop is still stuck in your toilet; knowing those solutions, you need to follow our instructions.

Solution if your Toilet won’t flush

This problem occurs when you are done with your poop, but the toilet is flushing it slowly or won’t flush it, which causes a very irritating atmosphere. If you are stuck in the same situation, then you can do these things:

  1. Use hot water and dishwashing liquid soap
  2. Substance dissolves or toilet cleaners for clogging
  3. Change the Damaged Fill Tube
  4. Change a Cracked Toilet Bowl
  5. Clearing a Blocked Sewer Line Vent
  6. Water Levels in Toilet Tank

Solution if your Toilet won’t flush

1. Use hot water and dishwashing liquid soap

If your toilet is not flushing the poop or flushing it slowly, then there might be something stuck in drainage pipes that could be a razor, ball, hairs or the other reason is that pipes are becoming smart because of the oil layers on the wall of the pipes that is not giving enough space that things can pass.

When you are going through this kind of situation, the first thing that you should try is hot water. There are many chances that it would melt the thing stuck in the water, but if it does not have any effect, try to add some dishwashing material.

If the situation is the same, then you need to add the dishwasher with hot water. It would melt all the oils and make the way clear for things to pass quickly. It would make the drainage normal.

2. Substance dissolves or toilet cleaners for clogging

The hot water and dishwater might not work for you so, what is the other option? The other option you have is the toilet dissolvers or the toilet cleaners in the market. They are manufactured to fight these problems. They have some acidic chemicals.

They can dissolve the hard things stuck in your toilet drainage pipes, but you should use them carefully when you are going to use them, wear gloves and try to avoid any drop of this liquid on your body. Put in from some distance and then wait for 30 to 45 minutes, and your toilet would start flushing normally.

3. Change the Damaged Fill Tube

The fill tube in your water tank can also cause the slow drainage of the toilet water. If you are using it for a couple of years, then that is probably causing the damage. There are also chances of some debris stuck in the fill tube in the tank.

If you have done the above steps, this might be the cause of the toilet’s slow drainage so that you can change the damaged fill tube by yourself, and if you don’t know anything, you can hire a plumber for this small task. We’ll advise you to check the fill tube of your wall after every 2 to 3 months and, if needed, change it.

Change the Damaged Fill Tube

4. Change a Cracked Toilet Bowl

If your toilet bowl is cracked, then that might also be the reason for the slow flushing. Then you need to change the cracked bowl immediately, but how can you do that? There are two ways to do it. You can hire a professional, and he will do it for you and charge some money, but if you don’t have the budget, do it yourself.

If you don’t know how to do it, we will tell you how to change it.

  • The first step is to empty the water tank and cut off the water supply.
  • Wait for some time so the bowl can dry.
  • Now, look at the crack that is damaged in the toilet bowl.
  • If the crack is small, then try to fix it by putting on powerful glue and then test it.
  • If it worked, then great otherwise, you need to replace it.
  • Now cut the water supply with the bowl and then remove it.
  • Put the new bowl in the same place and then connect it with the pipes.
  • Congratulations, now you know how to install a toilet bowl.

5. Clearing a Blocked Sewer Line Vent

There are many chances that if the toilet is flushing slowly or won’t flush, then there might be something blocking the water from passing that could be any dead animal, kids toys, plastic bags, or razors. Now that there is something blocked in the sewer line vent, what will you do to unblock it?

There are some plumbing tools that you can use to unblock the sewer line. The tool is called the plumbing snake. You put it into the blocked sewer line vent and see where it stops. That place might be the thing that is clogging, so now turn the handle at the back of your tool; it will wrap the thing with it and then slowly take it out.

You might have the thing causing the problem in the sewer line vent now the toilet will work normally.

How to clean the Minerals in the Holes under the Rim

If you don’t know about the jet holes, they are the holes in your commode that allow the water to reach the toilet bowl. If the minerals are stuck in these holes, then there are many chances of slow flushing, and in severe cases, it won’t allow it to flush.

First, take a small mirror and verify that there are minerals stuck in the holes so, if there are minerals, then the dirty part starts. Take a metal wire and clean every hole one by one when you are done doing it. Then clean it with the toilet bowl cleaner pad that you will get from the local market.

Now put some bleach in the tank’s overflow pipe and wait for 10 minutes and flush it; now your jet holes are clean from the minerals, and your toilet drainage would be fast.

How to clean the Minerals in the Holes under the Rim

6. Water Levels in Toilet Tank

You might need to adjust the water levels so it will flush fast. You can easily do it. Remove the cover of the water tank. You might see how to push a button, and the water flushes, and on the other side, you will see a tube with the plastic arm attached to it.

That arm allows you to adjust the levels of water in your toilet tank. When the tank is empty, it allows the water to come in, and after reaching the adjusting level, it disconnects the water supply. The arm of the tube can be adjusted through the hand or screwdriver.

If the arm is adjusted lower, that means the tank has a smaller amount of water, and if it is higher, it means the tank has more water. You can adjust the water levels according to your needs.

Solution if your toilet is clogged

Your toilet stops flushing or flushing the poop very slowly; then there are chances that something might be stuck in the sewer lines clogging the water flow. There would be anything like dead animals or your children’s toys. Now, what can you do to remove it? Here are some things that you can do to remove it.

  1. Remove it with a solid plunger.
  2. Remove clogging with dishwashing soap
  3. Removing Clogging by Toilet Auger

Solution if your toilet is clogged

1. Remove it with a solid plunger.

The plunger is the easiest way to remove the things that are clogging the sewer lines of your toilet. Find an excellent solid plumber from your local hardware store that can suck the water with power. Now put it into the toilet bowl.

The plunger’s head would be in the water and then push it harder in the drainage lines for 30 seconds to one minute. But you should do it carefully that the plunger won’t break the seal. It would unclog the sewer pipes of your toilet and makes the flushing fast.

2. Remove clogging with dishwashing soap

Sometimes oils are stuck in the sewerage pipes, and the way for water and poop are shrunk. If you throw the brush or toys of your children accidentally into the flush, it will cause blockage. So, it will automatically block the way of water, and the situation would be very disgusted.

You can solve this problem by putting the hot water with the dishwashing soap. The purpose of the dishwashing soap is to clean the oils from the dishes, which is why it is very useful in unclogging the toilet pipes, making the flushing fast.

3. Removing Clogging by Toilet Auger

The first step that everyone would take in case of clogging in the toilet is to use the solid plunger to remove the clogging, but if the plunger is not working for you, then this is the next option for you which is called a toilet auger.

It is a modern plumbing snake that the plumbers use to remove the clogging in your toilet. It is very easy to use, and you can also remove the clogging with it. It is made of the think wire, and in front of this wire, it has a clip. When you put it into the drain, it goes into it.

When it encounters something, it will stop now, turn it roundly, and the thing causing the clogging would be stuck with it now you can slowly take that thing out.

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Poop clogged toilet

The third reason for the clogging is that the poop clogged in the sewerage pipes that cause the flushing slowly and makes the situation disgusting. But if the poop is stuck, what are solutions do you have? There are four easy ways to remove this clogging.

  1. Remove by Toilet Brush
  2. Remove with a plunger
  3. Remove poop with Metal Cloth Hanger
  4. Remove clogging with your hands

Poop clogged toilet

1. Remove by Toilet Brush

The first option you have to remove the clogged poop in your toilet is by the toilet brush. The toilet brush is available in all the homes for cleaning of the toilet. These brushes can be used for minor clogs, but you can’t do them for solid clogs.

Sometimes, the pipes are really small and tight for your poop, so your pop can’t pass it. If you want to poop, you need to push it with the toilet brush, it would help, but if this option doesn’t help you, you need to look at the second step.

2. Remove with a plunger

This plunger can be used in all clogging if your poop is causing the clogging or any other thing. Get a good strong plunger from the local hardware store and then push the poop. There are many chances that it would help the poop to pass through and release the clogged area.

The plunger can be removed a minor poop clogging and also very solid stubborn cloggings from your toilet.  But if these things are not working for you, you will need a hanger that would remove the clogging.

3. Remove poop with Metal Cloth Hanger

It is also a plumber tool used to remove the clogging of the toilet; this is a very thin wire, and in front of it, there is a molded shape like a hanger. You need to put it in the toilet bowl, and it will make its place where poop is stuck.

Now turn it with solid hands, and after some minute of hard work, your clog will be removed, and your toilet will work normally. It is a good tool for removing the poop, but you have to select the hanger with a good wire to break the poop, and clogging will be cleared.

4. Remove clogging with your hands

It might be the most challenging part of this cleaning, and anybody doesn’t like to do it, but the last option is to remove the clogging with your hands. There is no powerful tool other than the human hands, and if the poop clogging is not removed by the above method, you should do it with the hands.

Many people would not like to find a person to pay for doing this task, but you should do it yourself; if you can’t find a person, you should do it yourself.

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What Causes a Toilet Not to Flush?

What Cuses a Toilet Not to Flush

It is a very annoying thing when your toilet is not flushing, and there are many possible causes of this problem, but the results are horrible so, everyone needs to solve it but let’s discuss that what are the reasons for the toilet, not flushing? There are many causes of this toilet, but we’ll discuss the most important ones.

The first reason for this thing is that the water flowing off your tank is very low, and you can solve this problem by just adjusting the levels of your flushing tank to high levels, which is very easy, and we discussed above in detail.

The other reason that causes the toilet not to flush is that there might be clogged in the drains of the toilet. It could be your razor, plastic bags, toys, or other things, which might cause stubborn clogging. You can fix it with some plumbing tools like the plunger or snakes.

The other reason is that the jet holes of your toilet may be blocked with the minerals or debris so, the small mirrors can inspect these things and if you find them, then remove them manually by the small wire one by one.

The other biggest reason for the clogging in drainage pipes or the toilet, not flushing, is that the drainage pipes are very short. The flow of water and waste from your toilet is high, so that causes the blockage. This thing can be solved when building the home; you can increase the pipe sizes so the water and waste would flow normally without any blockage.

These are some major reasons that cause the toilet not to flush; we have also told you briefly what you can do to solve this problem.

How to Clean a Toilet with Pumice Stone?

How to Clean a Toilet with Pumice Stone

The most common way to clean the toilet bowl is through the toilet brush, but that is an old method, and it does not clean the toilet too so, here we are with a new trick to clean the toilet. You can clean it through the pumice stone.

It is a budget way to clean the toilet because you can get it in your local store around a buck, and you can remove all the minerals that stick all around your toilet bowl. There is nothing complicated step in it.

Just wet it with some water, and after that, rub it all around your toilet bowl; it will give you a spotless and clear bowl by removing all the minerals from the bowl. It might be hardworking than the brush, but the results are also very good so, you can try to clean your stained bowl with this pumice stone.

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How to Make Sure Your Toilet Doesn’t Break?

If your toilet is flushing the poop slowly, then there are many ways to solve this problem, and we have discussed them all above, but there is one thing that we did not discuss that what if we use the solid plunges or any other tools to remove the clogging then there are many changes that we break out the toilet bowl.

In that case, how can we prevent it? When we see that our toilet is stuck, try to use soft water, dishwasher or vinegar, and baking soda. If these do not work, then go from small wires if all these things are not working.

You should go for professional help because the plumbers know how they can unblock things carefully without breaking the toilet bowl. But if you don’t have the budget to hire a professional, then do it yourself but carefully because if you break something, then it might get out of your budget, and in that case, only the plumber can help you.

What Makes a Toilet Flush Slow?

Three big reasons cause your toilet flush to slow, and we’ll touch here all three of them briefly.

What Makes a Toilet Flush Slow

Low Water Levels in the Tank

If you have ever opened the tank of the toilet, then there are two tubes in it. One tube is called the overflow tube, and the other tube is called the fill tube. The fill tube is our main focus because that controls the low and high pressure of water.

If the water level is low, it might cause the flush to slow so; you can see the arm attached with the fill tube. You can adjust the water levels with that arm. If the bolt is low, that means water levels are slow, but if the bolt is at the top, the tank will pass the maximum possible water level needed for fast flushing.


The other reason for the slow flushing is the clogging in the toilet pipe; the clogging can occur for many reasons. It can occur because you throw something accidentally in the toilet or if the pipes of your toilet drains are small, which can also cause clogging.

These can be removed by many methods discussed above in every detail, but we will discuss them here briefly. If the clogging is tiny, then it can be unclogged by the hot water and some other chemicals, but if it is stubborn, then you need to use the plumber tools and even hire a professional for this task.

Blocking of Jet Holes

Jet holes are the holes under the rims of the toilet bowls, and they work to pass the water from tank to toilet bowl for flushing, but sometimes these holes can be blocked by the minerals, and that might slow the flushing process so, this is how you can solve this problem.

Inspect the holes by the small mirror and see that they are blocked or not. If they are blocked, take a small wire and clean them one by one and after that, put a toilet cleaning pad on them. Now your toilet jet holes are spotless.


What liquid can I use to unclog a toilet?
There are many liquid things that the people would say that you should add if your toilet is clogged, but one thing that you should try as your first option is to put the hot water and in it, you need to add the dishwasher like dawn which is most commonly used, but you can use any other and then put it into the clogged toilet. There are chances that this liquid mixture would unclog your toilet.
Does Coke unclog drains?
This thing is something new I heard on the internet, and when my toilet clogged up, I purchase the coke not to drink but to put it into my toilet. But the results were not entirely satisfactory for my toilet, and it does not work because they are for human drinking, not to clean the toilets. They are acidic, but they are way milder than the other acids used to clean toilets in homes.
What do plumbers use to unclog drains?
The plumbers are professionals, and they have many tools to unclog your toilet. Some mid-level tools like the plunges and other wires, and then the toilet does not unclog with them. Then they take their big guns like the one they called snake; it is very useful to unclog the toilet and remove something stuck in your toilet, causing slow flushing. They have many other tools to unclog your toilet, but these are the most famous ones.
Why does my toilet clog every time I poop?
Every time you poop, your flush got clogged, then that might be because of your flush tank because the water comes from it would be very slow, and that might not flush your poop entirely, and when it is not flushed completely, it will cause the clogging. You need to higher the level of water in your flush tank. This is very easy, and if you read the above article, you can easily do that by yourself.
Will vinegar unclog a drain?
Yes, kitchen items like vinegar, baking soda are beneficial in unclogging your toilet. The other kitchen item that is very helpful in unclogging is the dishwasher and the hot water. They are also used in this unclogging process, but they are used when the clogging is milder. If the clogging is stubborn and causes by dead animals or toys, then it would not help so, you can try them, but if they do not work, then you need a plumber or plumbing tools.


Our Verdict

Dealing with the clogged toilet is the hardest and disgusting thing you can do because you are against your waste. If you face these methods, you can apply these methods to unclog your toilet and get out of this situation.

If the clogging is milder level, you can use the hot water with the dishwasher or the vinegar and baking soda, but if the toilet does not unclog with them, there is something in your sewerage pipes, and that can be taken through the plumbing tools. You can also use them by yourself or hire a plumber who is professional for your task.

We have told you some methods to unclog your toilet; if this article helps you solve your problem or have any query related to this topic, kindly tell us in the comment section below.

Thank you.


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