Convenient Height Toilet Review – Best Convenient Height Toilet

Convenient Height Toilet Review – Best Convenient Height Toilet

The height of a toilet plays the biggest role in providing comfort for convenient use. A perfect height is something that defines a comfortable toilet. Tall enough height is suitable for everyone is also good for knees and back. It makes sitting and standing up easier and also has many other advantages for elderly or differently-abled people.

Many toilets, due to a short seat height are less preferred as they lead to an uneasy sitting posture. Tall height does not mean that the toilet should exceed the standard height levels of a tall toilet but it actually means that it should be tall enough to be easily useable by everyone, without causing any posture issues.

Toilet seat heights have often been an issue for elderly people. But with the convenient, tall height toilets, it is no type of inconvenience for even the elderly people.

There are many brands today, that manufacture toilets with various heights, especially the taller height toilets due to their greater demand. The Convenient Height Company has manufactured some of the very best, tall, and convenient height toilets. In this very article, we’re going to talk about the best convenient height toilet and what does it have to offer its users.

What is the Tallest Toilet You Can Buy?

What is the Tallest Toilet You Can Buy

The tallest height toilet you can buy is a 20-inch toilet manufactured by the very popular ‘Convenient Height Company’. Usually, the standard heights for the toilets lie somewhere between 15 to 17 inches. Some toilets also offer a 19-inch height which is a lot more than a standard height and is perfect for people who prefer tall height toilets. But this 20-inch toilet is definitely a game-changer and the tallest one in the market.

Who makes the tallest Comfort Height toilet?

Definitely, the Convenient Height Company does. It manufactures the tallest 20-inch toilet with greater comfort and convenience. Other than Convenient Height, Kohler is also a well-known brand that has also manufactured a few tall height toilets, comparatively taller than the average toilet heights.

20-inch Extra Tall Toilet Specifications

Manufacturer Convenient Height
Model No. Model S. 20-inch Extra Tall Toilet
Dimensions 27 inches x 15 inches x 36 inches
Weight 120 Pounds
Material Ceramic
Shape Elongated
Size 20 – 21 inches
Rough-in 12 inches
Toilet Type 2-piece
Flush Type Dual Flush System
Flushing Technology Siphon Jet
Water Consumption 0.8/1.28 GPF
Closing seat Soft and slow
Installation Method Floor Mounted
Certifications WaterSense, CEC, Board of Registration of Plumbers and Gas Filters
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
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Convenient Height Toilets – What’s Special About These Toilets?

The Convenient height toilets are called so for a reason. These toilets are super comfortable and do not make your knees or back hurt, even if you’ve been sitting for a longer time. Even the people who have mobility issues could easily and conveniently use these toilets.

The Convenient Height Company of toilets has never failed to provide what they offer. Especially their 20-inch tall toilet has attracted a wave of customers. The 20-inch tall toilet has proven to be a perfect choice for people who do not feel comfortable on comparatively shorter height toilets. It is not just because of the height, but also for the amazing working and functionality of this toilet.

How tall is an extra tall toilet?

Generally, tall height toilets are somewhere around 17 to 19 inches. But an extra tall toilet makes it to 20 inches.

The Best Convenient Height Toilet – Features and Benefits

Although there are many options available for the nice convenient height toilets available in the market, the very best one out of these is a 20-inch tall convenient height toilet which is also known for its high quality and longer durability.

The Best Convenient Height Toilet – Features and Benefits

20-inch Convenient Height Toilet – Extra Tall Toilet with a Dual Flush

This 20-inch tall toilet from Convenient Height would be the best option if your standard height toilet is trouble for you. This convenient toilet is a two-piece dual flush system. Being a two-piece toilet, it makes the installation much easier while its dual flush system greatly contributes to the prevention of water wastage.

Here are some great features and benefits of the Convenient Height 20-inch tall toilet.

  1. Comfortable Height Toilet
  2. Smart and Elegant Design
  3. Dual Flush system
  4. Powerful Siphon Jet Technology
  5. Elongated bowl
  6. High-Quality Materials
  7. Slow Closing Toilet Seat
  8. Easy Installation

1. Comfortable Height Toilet

Best Convenient Height Toilet - Comfortable Height Toilet

The most amazing thing about this toilet is its convenient height. Its perfectly engineered height makes it easily useable by everyone; kids, adults, differently-abled people, or even people having mobility issues. The 20-inch height of this toilet makes it an exception in the market, as there are only a few other high-end toilets with this tall height.

2. Smart and Elegant Design

The toilet has an extremely smart and elegant-looking design. Due to its compact design, even with its super tall height, it does not look like something extraordinary huge in your bathroom. It is a perfect-looking toilet for a bathroom with a super luxurious look or one with some vintage or classic feel. It fits nicely in any bathroom with enough space available.

3. Dual Flush System

The Dual flush system is one of the best things about this toilet. For the removal of liquid waste, you may use a half flush, while for the solid waste, a full flush should be used. The flush handle is moved upwards for a half flush which releases 0.8 gallons of water per flush and is pulled downwards for a full flush which releases 1.28 gallons.

With the dual flush system in toilets, a large amount of water could be saved annually.

4. Powerful Siphon Jet Technology

This 20-inch tall toilet by Convenient height features an extra powerful Siphon Jet technology which guarantees the cleanup of the entire bowl thoroughly in one single flush. In order to ensure powerful flushing, the toilet had a canister or tower flush valve. Additionally, it has a high-elevation trap-way and its siphon force makes it easy to get rid of waste in the bowl with minimal resistance.

5. Elongated Bowl

The best thing about elongated bowls is that they make the cleaning easier and quicker as there are no corners or edges that would collect dirt or debris. Also, there is sufficient enough space for the cleaning, as well as for a comfortable sitting. Even tall and fat people can also use the toilet conveniently.

Elongated Bowl

6. High-Quality Materials

The overall toilet is made up of high-quality ceramic which acts as a shield for any stains, scratches, cracks, or corrosion. Even after the use of years, the toilet still does a good job along with a clean appearance.

7. Slow Closing Toilet Seat

We all know that soft closing toilet seats are a treat when you’ve experienced the loud closing of a toilet seat. This toilet works great even in the quietest workplaces as well as homes due to its soft closing seat.

8. Easy Installation

The installation of this toilet is no different from that of other 2-piece toilets. You can first go for the installation of the bowl and then the tank. You can even have this toilet installed on your own if you know basic things about the process and you don’t really want to spend money for installation by a plumber. The toilet seat is also included in the package when you make a purchase. So, you won’t have to look for a seat separately.

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Why buy a Convenient Height Toilet?

Why buy a Convenient Height Toilet

The convenient height toilet saves you from a lot of trouble. Here are a few advantages that would insist you why you need to buy a convenient height toilet.

  1. 20-inch extra tall height makes it easy and convenient to use.
  2. Due to high-quality materials, longer durability is guaranteed.
  3. Water consumption toilet with an average of 1.28 GPF.
  4. Dual flush system to avoid unnecessary water flow.
  5. Strong flushing technology cleans up the bowl very well.
  6. Won’t require maintenance for years.
  7. Provides great value for the money you’ve spent.
  8. Comes with a three-year warranty.

Pros and Cons

  • Super comfortable height for everyone’s use
  • Perfect fit for luxurious, vintage, or classic bathrooms
  • Powerful Siphon jet action ensures crystal-clear cleaning
  • The dual flush system uses 1.28 GPF on average, preventing water wastage
  • Elongated bowl ensures convenient use and easy cleaning
  • Toilet is overall heavy in weight, weighing 120 pounds
  • Could be difficult to use for kids under the age of 5


Our Verdict

This 20-inch extra tall toilet by Convenient Height is an amazing option for anyone who prefers extra tall toilets. No doubt, these are extremely comfortable for tall or even elderly people with knees and backaches, but they could also be a problem for people who are just okay with standard height toilets.

Overall, this is an extraordinary toilet with all the amazing features and excellent functionalities.

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