Kohler Wellworth Toilet Review – An Honest Review in 2024

Kohler Wellworth Toilet Review – An Honest Review in 2024

Kohler is the brand almost everyone in the world is familiar with. They are known for making quality bathroom items ranging from standard to premium. In 1936 Kohler launched the very first well-worth toilets, till then Kohler has set up a benchmark in this toilet industry.

The Wellworth K-3987-0 Toilet was launched just back in 2013 and it is a highly efficient and inexpensive toilet available in the market.

This Kohler well-worth toilet is not ADA compliant which means that it is not suitable to use in public bathrooms. But if you are planning to install this toilet in your bathroom then space doesn’t matter. You can install this toilet in your bathroom. It depends more on your preference.

Without further ado, let’s move to the review of the Kohler Wellworth K-3987-0 toilet.

Kohler Wellworth Toilet – Specifications

Brand Kohler
Size 2-1/8″
Shape Round front
Material China
Mounting type Floor mounting
Weight 86.3 pounds
Flush type
Gravity flush toilet
Certificated Water sense
Warranty 1 year
Water consumption 1.6gpf
Price range Check On Amazon

How to Install Kohler Wellworth?

It’s one of the easiest tasks to install a Wellworth toilet, you don’t need to hire a plumber or handyman for this. Even if you are the one who has never done anything like this before you can also install this toilet without any hassle.

This toilet comes in 2 pieces that make it the perfect choice for some people. It is easy to change the position of the toilet and it takes very little space due to its round bowl shape.

You don’t need any specific tool for its installation due to the dry lock technology. You simply need a socket wrench because there are no bolts or nuts to attach to the toilet. All the instructions are mentioned in the manual.

Kohler Wellworth Toilet – Features


Kohler Wellworth Toilet - Features


Flushing System

The flushing system of the well-worth toilet must be highly appreciated. There are two options for flushing, 1.1 gpf or 1.6gpf. If there is a liquid flush you will use 1.1 gallons per flush but if the waste is solid you will use 1.6 gallons.

It has a Class five flushing technology that is efficient enough to rinse the waste in a single flush. It is very easy to use the dual-flush option, there is only a single lever on the left side of the tank. It saves you from the hassle of using buttons.

There is also an advantage of the dual flush technology, it saves water, and that’s why it is WaterSense certified.

Flush and Canister Valve

Kohler Wellworth accompanies a large canister valve that is very helpful in cleaning the toilet after every flush. Water releases from all the sides of the toilet thus resulting in a powerful flush. This technology helps to keep your toilet neat and clean and don’t worry about water wastage.

The seal of these canister valves is not exposed, which saves the seal from getting damaged so early. Another plus point about the seal is that it is a universal seal. You don’t have to worry about the availability. It is easily available in the market and online stores.

Its class five flush system is very powerful and efficient. All these features make this toilet worth buying.


The most amazing thing about this toilet is that it doesn’t clog. The powerful class five flush releases water from all the sides of the flush thus keeping your toilet neat and clean.

Thus the toilet accompanies a wax ring that prevents your toilet from any leakage. This wax ring is very important as it plays a significant role. If the wax ring is not fitted properly, it will make your toilet runny resultantly we would have to face wastage of water and money.

It has only a single lever to operate 2 options i.e, 1.1gpf or 1.6gpf. Many people can’t read so, it saves the hassle of finding the accurate button.

Easy to install

This Kohler Wellworth toilet is very easy to install. There are no nuts and bolts to tighten it to the floor. It comes with a wax seal ring.

K-3987-0 toilet has 2 pieces which means that it comes separately as a tank and a bowl. This toilet is very lightweight and you can also change its position from one place to another.

Its dry lock technology is very amazing.

Water consumption

Kohler toilets are WaterSense certified which means that this brand is known for water-saving techniques. There are 2 flush options i.e, 1.1gpf and 1.6gpf. It depends, if the waste is liquid you can use the 1.1gpf option and if the waste is solid you can use 1.6gpf.


Kohler toilets are known for their affordability. These toilets are no less than the top-notch toilets and their price tags are also reasonable. These are the most commonly used toilets worldwide.

Pros and Cons of Kohler Wellworth Toilet

  • This Kohler toilet is very affordable
  • It is a WaterSense certified toilet
  • Dry lock technology makes it easy to install
  • It has a dual flush system
  • Wellworth is a highly efficient toilet
  • It does not comes with a toilet seat
  • Its difficult to cleanup this toilet
  • It gets cracks after few years



Kohler Toilet Problems

Kohler Toilet Problems

1. Keeping it clean is difficult

According to our observation, when we compare this toilet with other high-quality toilets available in the market, we see that the finishing of the toilet is not up to the mark. Waste adheres to the boil making it dirty.

Though its class five flush technology is amazing, still these toilets need to be cleaned on a daily basis. These toilets look glossy and shiny from the outside but there is room for improvement in this regard.

2. Leakage Problem

The most common problem that most customers complained about is the leakage problem. Their Kohler keeps on running all the time.

Many people have complained that there are very minute cracks on the well-worth toilets that are leaking. So be careful while purchasing this toilet.

Customer Reviews

We have collected these reviews from Amazon

  1. “We have not had a clog since we installed this toilet and it uses way less water. The flushing system is nifty, it has one handle but two levers, there is a longer green lever for just liquids and then a shorter chrome lever for solids, both push down like a regular toilet handle. I talked to a Kohler rep before buying the toilet and she said the green lever was just liquids with no TP, but my wife and girls find a tinkle with just a little TP works fine with the green lever. Installation was a breeze – two bolts on the floor, then the tank has three bolts that connect it to the base, standard size hose from water supply to tank.”
  2. “I’ve had this for almost a year. I wanted something nice looking, smaller in size, with great flushing abilities, and didn’t break the bank (after all it IS a toilet). This fits the bill perfectly. The lid came with some marks on it – so I emailed the manufacturer and they promptly sent me a replacement. Just remember you will need to buy your own toilet seat. I will replace my other toilets in the house with this one”
  3. “Perfect toilet for our small bathroom. Arrived promptly in perfect condition. Installed in less than an hour. Works as advertised. The dual-flush feature is a must-have! Unlike our builder-grade toilet, the bowl stays clean because the water flow is perfect. Having the flush handle on the side leaves room on top which is necessary for storage/decor. Wish I had purchased it sooner!”

Final Thoughts

Finally, Kohler toilets are a good choice for people who want a budget-friendly toilet. Of course, everything has its pros and cons and everyone has their own opinion. These well-worth toilets are worth the value.

Class five flushing technology is amazing. It lets water release in a bowl from everywhere thus keeping your toilet neat and clean. What else do you want?

If you want something affordable and great, these well-worth toilets are a great option for you!

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