TOTO Washlet G-400 Integrated Toilet – A Complete Review!

TOTO Washlet G-400 Integrated Toilet – A Complete Review!

Looking for the best, modern and luxurious toilet for your bathroom? TOTO is here to serve you with the best. TOTO is one of the most popular and trustable brands when it comes to the best toilet manufacturing brands. Out of its many top-notch toilets, such as TOTO Drake Elongated Toilet, G-400 is also worth considering. It is not only a toilet with a sleek appearance and elegant look, but it would also suit any modern bathroom!

Toto G-400 is a remote control, a top unit cotton toilet that provides maximum comfort to its users with its extensive, luxurious features such as a self-cleaning wand, heated seat, deodorizer effect, automatic flushing and a lot more. Furthermore, it comes with a 1-year limited warranty and truly defines a luxurious toilet with a modern design.

When talking about the best TOTO smart toilets, people are often interested to know “Which TOTO Washlet is best?” Here’s our answer. According to our personal experience and what we’ve researched so far, here are the three best TOTO Washlet toilet seats.

If you’re looking for a great quality washlet toilet, you may consider any of these three according to your personal preferences and what your bathroom exactly needs.

Why Buy the TOTO G-400?

Why Buy the TOTO G-400

TOTO G-400 is one of the most comfortable toilets you’ll find on the market. The first thing that goes in your favor is its compact design. Most people prefer compact toilets because they won’t take up too much space in your toilet and would fit small bathrooms as well. Also, it’s a smart toilet, and most of its functions such as washing, and temperature adjustments are automatic. 

Further in this article, we’re going to be discussing what advantages TOTO G-400 has to offer its users and you’ll exactly know why to buy the TOTO G-400.

Here’s a video of the top 5 smart toilets, including the TOTO G-400 Washlet and we’d recommend you watch this video.


Manufacturer TOTO
Model No. MS920CEMFG#01
Dimensions 28.62 inches x 15.37 inches x 26.93 inches
Weight 102 Pounds
Size Large LTL
Shape Elongated
Material Ceramic
Color Cotton White

Auto Open and Close Lid

The very first great thing about this toilet is its automatic open and close lid. The toilet itself senses a user approaching and the lid opens up on its own. After the use, when the user leaves, the lid closes down slowly on its own. Furthermore, it closes softly without any slamming shut noise. So, it won’t create a disturbance in any way.

Heated Seat

TOTO G-400- Heated Seat

TOTO G-400’s seat provides its users the most pleasant experience every morning with its automatic warming up feature. A temperature sensor in the seat maintains a temperature between 82 and 97 degrees Fahrenheit and you can choose from five different temperature settings as per your comfort.

Therefore, you no longer need to deal with cold toilet seats in the mornings or during the cold season since you can control the temperature yourself.

Self-Clean Technology

The self-cleaning technology of this toilet makes it super hygienic and refreshing for the bathroom environment. The washing nozzles are self-cleaning as well. After every wash, the nozzles clean up automatically to provide maximum cleanliness.

Also, special cleansing and disinfecting features are activated separately from flush buttons and handles to lessen the risk of unsightly and unhygienic stains accumulating in the toilet.

Deodorizer Effects

The deodorizer effects in TOTO G-400 make it an exceptional choice. This feature isn’t common in other regular toilets. In this model, a carbon deodorizer drives air from the toilet bowl through an activated charcoal catalyst wall to absorb odors. This greatly prevents any kind of unpleasant odors from spreading in the bathroom.

After every use, the air deodorizer automatically deodorizes the toilet. This keeps the overall environment of your bathroom fresh and pleasant and guarantees a clean experience for the next user.

Cleansing Functions

This model comes with amazing cleansing functions. Cleansing functions can be adjusted in three ways:

  1. Rear wash
  2. Rear soft wash
  3. Front wash

TOTO G-400- Cleansing Functions

Water pressure is strong yet pleasant when you adjust the setting on the rear clean. While the rear soft sprays cover more area with a wider radius but use less water pressure. The front wash is an even softer wash for feminine use and offers comfortable intimate cleansing.


TOTO G-400 further features a dryer along with the deodorizer. After the self-cleaning wand has done its job, the air dryer is used to dry yourself up. So, after every use, you’ll get up with a cleaned-up and dried self. Also, just as the pressure and temperature can be adjusted, you can also adjust the intensity of drying air from the dryer.

Automatic Flush

Another impressive feature of this toilet is its automatic flushing system. After you’re done with your business, and you get up from the toilet, it automatically flushes the waste. You don’t have to press a button. In this way, TOTO G-400 offers a hands-free flushing operation.

Skirted Design

With this toilet, you get a skirted design. The trap way lies behind the seat, so not only it is hidden, but it is also easier to clean. The toilet is also made of a durable and easily maintained vitreous China material. Hence, cleaning and maintaining the toilet surface will be easy.

Besides, the toilet is an all-in-one piece with no places for mold and mildew to hide. Additionally, you will also be able to regulate the pressure of the water with the washlet G400 integrated toilet.

Universal Height

Toilets often have either a low height or an extra tall height. Both could be uncomfortable to use. However, this G-400 toilet by TOTO is a perfectly sized, universal height toilet that provides comfort and ease of use to every single user. Even for the people who have a tough time sitting and getting up from the toilet, this toilet would be an easy use for them too.

If you’re somebody who’d prefer a universal height toilet other than a smart toilet, TOTO Ultramax II is one of the best options you might want to consider.

3D Tornado Flush

TOTO G-400- 3D Tornado Flush

TOTO G-400 is an integrated dual flush toilet and features a 3D Tornado flushing technology. This technology, with its powerful centrifugal rinsing action, thoroughly cleans up the bowl with great force and ensures the removal of waste as well as every single stain in a single flush.

For the removal of liquid waste, it uses 0.9 GPF and for solid waste, it uses 1.28 GPF. But due to its powerful tornado flush, it does not compromise its flushing power even with less water consumption.

TOTO Washlet 5 Expert Picks

Here are the top 5 expert picks if you’re looking for TOTO Washlet toilets.

  1. TOTO Wall Hung C200
  2. TOTO C100
  3. TOTO G400
  4. TOTO G500
  5. TOTO SW2044T20

TOTO G-400 – Pros and Cons

  • Compact and skirted design
  • Adjustable pressure and temperature settings
  • Powerful 3D Tornado flush ensures crystal clear cleaning after every flush
  • Three different nozzle spray settings
  • Installation might be a little difficult
  • Expensive



TOTO-G400 – FAQs

How do you reset Toto Washlet?
To reset your TOTO Washlet, simply unplug the bidet seat for about 30 seconds. Then re-plug. Unplugging the bidet seat and then re-plugging will restart the unit including its internal mechanisms. This simple reset would also solve small issues in case your toilet has any.
How long does a TOTO Washlet last?
If used properly with proper cleanliness and maintenance, TOTO Washlets remain durable for many years. They might even last a lifetime, depending upon their use and maintenance.


Our Verdict

TOTO G-400 is a model you can definitely trust. Its automated features and skirted design make it a better choice over other toilets. Your bathroom experience will be transformed into a very luxurious experience with the Toto washlet g400 integrated toilet.

No matter how cold it is, or how hot it is, you can still use your toilet without being concerned about being chilled.


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