Toto Ultramax II Review – One Piece Elongated Toilet

Toto Ultramax II Review – One Piece Elongated Toilet

Toilets play a great role when it comes to the looks of your bathroom. But what matters more than the looks is the working and functionality of a toilet. There would be many modern and uniquely shaped toilets that, no doubt, add a super luxurious look to your bathrooms but their functionality might disappoint you.

While choosing a toilet for your bathroom it is the most important thing to go for one that performs great. Hence, TOTO has been successful in manufacturing great toilets. People often ask “Are TOTO toilets good?” The answer is, yes. Toto toilets are not only decent in their appearance but have had excellent performances for years as well. They have strong flush systems that ensure thorough cleaning of the bowl in a single flush.

Product Features
Toto MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax II Toilet
  • Universal height is comfortable for everyone
  • One-piece, elongated design
  • Powerful ‘double cyclone’ flushing with G-Max technology
  • Low water consumption

Toto Ultramax II – Toilet Review

Toto toilets are the favorite choice for many people. First of all, it is a one-piece toilet which means you would have to deal with it all at once during the installation. Along with its universal height, the elongated shape of this toilet makes it comfortable to use. Moreover, the flush button is located on the right side of the tank, instead of the top. This makes flushing easier while sitting on the seat.

When it comes to the flushing performance, Toto Ultramax II uses the Double cyclone flushing technology that covers up the entire bowl and creates a centrifugal force for a thorough cleaning, leaving no stain behind. Its G-Max flushing system ensures a strong and powerful 1.28-gallon water release for every flush.

Toto MS604114CEFG#01 Toilet Specifications

Manufacturer TOTO
Model Number MS604114CEFG#01
Dimensions 28 3/8 inches x 16 1/2 inches x 28 3/4 inches
Weight 99 pounds
Material Vitreous China
Shape  Elongated
Flushing Technology Double cyclone
Water Consumption 1.28 GPF
Installation Type Floor mounted
Certifications WaterSense, ADA Compliant
Warranty One year limited warranty
Price Range Check On Amazon

Is Toto Ultramax II worth it?

Toto Ultramax II is a great option when it comes to long durable toilets with super powerful flushing systems. It is easier to install and convenient to clean and maintain. Moreover, this toilet uses G-max flushing technology along with a double cyclone flushing system which creates a centrifugal force with every flush to clean up the bowl entirely. Also, Sana Gloss’ ion barrier ensures that no particles stick to the surface.

What is the difference between Toto Ultramax and Ultramax II?

Toto Ultramax is an older model manufactured by Toto while Ultramax II is an improved and upgraded version of Ultramax. Comparing the two, Toto Ultramax uses 1.6 Gallons of water per flush while Ultramax II, with its low water consumption feature, uses only 1.28 Gallons of water for each flush. This is the major difference between these two toilets.

Features and Benefits of Toto MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax II Toilet

Here are the benefits and some great features of Toto MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax, a One-piece Elongated Toilet.

  1. Comfortable universal height
  2. One-Piece Toilet
  3. Water-Saving Toilet
  4. Smart elongated design
  5. Easy to clean
  6. Powerful flushing technology

1. Comfortable Universal Height

This Toto Ultramax toilet is around 17 inches in height which makes it a super comfortable height for tall as well as short people. It makes sitting and standing up easy without any inconvenience. Comfortable height plays an important role in the easy use of the toilet. Hence, this Toto toilet is a good one with universal height.

2. One Piece Toilet

One-piece toilets basically have their tanks and seats joined together. This makes them easier to use as you won’t have to deal with the tank and the seat separately during installation or replacement (if needed). This Toto toilet is a one-piece toilet and the biggest advantage is that it can fit in small bathroom space as well.

There are fewer chances of dirt and debris being collected between the tank and seat joining as the design is compact.

3. Smart Elongated Design

Featuring a Sana Gloss finish, the Toto Ultramax ii toilet is an excellent example of a modern toilet with outstanding features. The tank has a slim design and an elongated bowl. As a result, various users can sit comfortably.

Additionally, the height and design make it suitable for use by adults, elderly people, and even individuals with disabilities. With its stunning design and this elegant white Sana Gloss cotton finish, the toilet will make your bathroom look modern and elegant.

4. Water-Saving Toilet

The toilet greatly prevents water wastage as it does not use up a lot of water. 1.28 gallons of water is used for every flush, which means you can save up to 20% water as compared to other toilets. Moreover, due to the strong flushing mechanism, the bowl gets cleaned with a single flush.

5. Easy to clean

The elongated shape of the bowl plays a major role in the easy cleaning of the toilet. There are no hidden spaces for the dirt or debris to get collected. No holes are present on the rim, which makes it easy to clean and maintain and provides a seamless appearance.

The wide bowl gives you access to each and every corner for thorough cleaning. Also, the cleansers work quickly because of the smooth texture of the bowl, making the toilet cleaner in minutes.

6. Powerful Flushing Technology

Featuring TOTO’s Double Cyclone flushing system, the UltraMax II toilet boasts a powerful flush. This Dual Cyclone flushing system relies on powerful nozzles to create a centrifugal force that thoroughly cleans the bowl and rim with each flush.

A 3″ flush valve sends water in three directions during the flushing process. This first flow takes place through the large siphon jet located at the end of the bowl, which channels directly down the glazed trap way. Because the Toto Ultramax II trap way is substantially larger than most toilets, along with its strong flushing power, it is exceptional in cleanliness.

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Features and Benefits of Toto MS604114CEFG#01 Ultramax II Toilet

Pros and Cons

  • Super sleek and decent design
  • Universal height makes it comfortable to use for everyone
  • Prevents water wastage by low water consumption
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Double Cyclone flushing technology thoroughly cleans the bowl with its centrifugal force
  • Elongated design contributes to convenient cleaning
  • Expensive toilet with no seat included
  • Larger footprint as compared to other toilets



Our Verdict

Toto toilets have a great hype in the market because of their amazing manufacturing and excellent performance. Toto Ultramax II is one of the very nice toilets is much appreciated for its performance. The toilet uses less water but ensures cleaning of the entire bowl with its powerful flushing system.

For anyone who is looking for a good one-piece toilet with long durability and excellent functionality, may consider this TOTO Ultramax II toilet (if seems affordable).

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