American Standard Cadet 3 FloWise 2-Piece Toilet

American Standard Cadet 3 FloWise 2-Piece Toilet

Is your current toilet difficult to clean, difficult to maintain, or does it not fit in your modern bathroom? So it is time to install a high-quality, easy to clean, and reliable American standard toilet. commercial toilets that the customer falls in love with.

The company knows the type of toilets it designs, so the best materials are used to ensure longevity. Installation is also always easy with standard American brands; There are simple instructions out there to help you do this yourself without calling or paying a professional plumber.

The American Standard Cadet 3 is a two-piece toilet with a flush and an apron basin that meets ADA requirements (provided the trigger is on the access side of the tank) and is EPA water sense certified. The toilet is supplied complete with seat and lid.

A siphon action sprays the water into the bowl and, in combination with an EverClean surface and a 2 1/8 inch full glass siphon, ensures a complete flush at all times.

In this article, I have reviewed this product so that you can gain knowledge about its features and pros and cons then you will decide whether it suits your needs or not.

American Standard 2988101.020 Cadet 3 – Specifications:

Product American Standard 2989101.020 Cadet3
Brand American Standard
Color White
Overall length (Inches) 30.25 x 15.75 x 30.25 inches
Weight 110  Pounds
Material Vitreous China
Shape Elongated
Certification Water Sense
Installation Method Two-Piece Toilet
Flush type Water-Saving Toilet
Flow Rate 1.28 Gallons Per Minute
Water Consumption 1.28 Gallons Per Flush
Size Round Front
Style Left Hand
Warranty Five-Year Limited Warranty on chinaware, 5-year warranty on all mechanical parts, and 1-year warranty on seat

American Standard Cadet 3:

The 17-inch height is considered by many to be the ideal toilet height, especially for seniors and those with mobility issues, so this toilet is likely to show up on any handicapped toilet list.

The Cadet 3 is equipped with American Standard’s EverClean surface and PowerClean rim to effectively minimize the time it takes to clean your toilet. It also has a low flow flush that uses less water than a standard toilet without losing its ability to effectively evacuate the toilet bowl.

American Standard 2988101.020 Cadet 3

The American Standard Cadet 3 is a two-piece, high-efficiency toilet that is full of innovative and modern features. It is considered one of the best toilets on the market today this toilet consumes only 1.28 gallons per flush and features an elongated bowl that ensures superior comfort for its users. With its classic and smooth design, the Cadet 3 has the added benefit of natural cleaning.

This is an economical toilet that uses just 1.28 GPF. To make sure that a small amount of water can do its job, a three-inch flush valve creates extra flushing power, quickly evacuating any waste in the bowl.

The Cadet 3 is a two-piece toilet, but the seam between tank and bowl is a breeding ground for nasty messes. However, the trap is hidden, which removes one problem area that’s usually a catching point for bacteria and odor-producing messes.

The flat, smooth exterior surfaces don’t catch dust the way most toilets do, so in addition to looking sleek and elegant, it’s also easy to keep clean. You even get a soft-closing seat included with the toilet, which helps to cement its value as our favorite premium option.

Design / Materials:

The Cadet 3 toilet is made from vitreous china and has an American Standard EverClean finish to minimize the need for manual cleaning of the toilet. The flush is activated by a chrome trip lever. The height of the seat and the elongated bowl is to the standards set by ADA to make standing and sitting easier for people of all abilities.

Flushing System:

The 1.28-gallon single flush is triggered by a chrome trip lever on the side of the tank. The water is then jetted into the bowl at pressure. This pressure forces the waste through the fully glazed trap way. These combined features ensure that the bowl is cleared the first time on every flush.


The forced water flush ensures that the toilet is cleared at every flush. The EverClean surface coating inhibits the formation of stains and at the same time inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew. This not only keeps the toilet clean for longer but helps reduce odors.

American Standard Cadet 3 – Installation:

A standard 12 inch rough in is needed for this toilet. As this is a skirted design, when replacing an existing toilet the water supply outlet may interfere with the skirting, so it is worth checking before you try installing to see if you will have to move the water supply. That aside, the toilet is a straightforward two-piece toilet.

With the presence of two pieces and the detachable seat, the installation process is quite an easy one that doesn’t take much effort. You can even do it by yourself if you want to.

American Standard 2988101.020 Cadet 3 – Performance:

It features a high-performing cadet 3 flushing system that is rated to handle 1,000 grams of solid waste in just one flush. The Cadet 3 has a smart gravity design that offers high-performance with fewer clogs. You won’t have to flush twice, and you will only use 1.28 gallons of water per flush. Therefore, you will end up saving both water and money.

Our take is that you should probably buy a Cadet 3 for your next home improvement project if you haven’t already.

American Standard 2988101.020 Cadet 3 – Highlighted Features:

American Standard 2988101.020 Cadet 3 - Highlighted Features

  • PowerWash: The toilet features a three-inch valve, larger valves allow the water to flow into the bowl much faster than a standard size valve, and the faster water applies more force to the bowl.
  • EverClean Surface: Its EverClean Surface consists of additives in the glaze that’s fired right into the porcelain. Each toilet receives a double coat of that glaze for a mirror-smooth surface that will last forever.
  • Efficiency: The PowerWash rim relies on faster-moving water, not more water, to scrub the bowl with each flush. In fact, Cadet 3 only uses 1.28 gallons per flush, saving you thousands of gallons of water each year.
  • Height: The rim of the bowl is 16.5 inches tall. Depending on the seat, that means the height with the seat down will be between 17 and 17.5 inches tall, making the Cadet 3 ADA Compliant. It also means it’s comfortable.
  • Price: For the features offered, you would find that its price lies on the cheaper side of the spectrum. It is rare finding something which has a price proportional to its quality.
  • Clog-Free Tech. Along with a siphon jet flushing system, American Standard made an effort to create a gravity-led system that reduces clogs. To ensure that you get as few clogs as possible, they included an oversized flush valve and a 2 ½ inch trap way.

American Standard 2988101.020 – Problems:

  • The slow closing toilet seat is somehow cheaply made and not that comfortable.
  • Customers have complained that it doesn’t clear waste in one flush, which is intimidating.
  • The parts won’t be delivered in the same box which might lead to some parts arriving before others.
  • The EverClean surface needs to be cleaned with gentle toilet cleaners to prevent damage to the surface treatment.
  • Over time, urine may seep into the holes used for mounting the seat.
  • Some users have complained about the seat getting loose easily.
  • Using the wax ring during installation has proven to be a bit tricky for some users.
  • The toilet bowl and tank sometimes arrive separately.

Pros And Cons:

  • 16.5 inch rim height is ideal for comfort and ease of use
  • EverClean surface keeps the toilet clean and beautiful for years
  • PowerWash Rim scrubs the bowl with each flush
  • Smooth exterior surfaces don’t collect dust and are easy to clean
  • Compact size is perfect for smaller spaces
  • ADA Compliant
  • The toilet comes with a slow-close seat for added comfort and covers with an easy lift-off feature.
  • Smaller round bowl is less comfortable than an elongated bowl
  • No dual flush system



What is the difference between American Standard Cadet and Cadet 3?
The Cadet 3 elongated toilet from American Standard is part of the coordinated Cadet Suite, with an emphasis on excellence. This low-flow toilet flushes at a rate of 1.28 gallons per flush, using 20% less water than a standard 1.6 GPF toilet.
What is the Cadet 3 flushing system?
The Cadet 3 toilet has a powerful flushing system that uses only 1.28 gallons per flush while the innovative PowerWash rim cleans the bowl entirely with each flush. The elongated bowl uses siphoning action to boost the flushing power. Plus, the smooth, concealed trap-way increases the flushing efficiency.
Is Cadet a good toilet?
The American Standard Cadet 3 is a two-piece, high-efficiency toilet that is full of innovative and modern features. Considered one of the best toilets on the market today this toilet consumes only 1.28 gallons per flush and features an elongated bowl that ensures superior comfort for its users.
How to clean the American Standard Cadet 3 toilet?
Regular cleaning of your toilet is required if you plan to use it for a long time. It is good practice to use a toilet bowl cleaner and warm water to clean your toilet regularly. Some toilets require more frequent cleaning than others do. For instance, a toilet with an EverClean surface will stay cleaner for longer than one that does not have it. It is essential that you clean every corner of the toilet, as stains and bacteria could hide in these places. You should also avoid using abrasive cleaners on your toilet, as they can scratch the surface.
What are the width and depth of the American Standard Cadet 3?
The toilet has a width of 15-¾ inches and a depth of 30-¼ inches. These dimensions are around what you will get for most standard elongated toilets, and they make transportation of the toilet reasonably easy.
What is the importance of an Everclean surface?
Most American Standard toilets feature an Everclean surface. The Everclean surface is a vital feature as it prevents particles, waste, debris, and stains from adhering to the toilet surface. As a result, the toilet will remain sparkling clean most of the time. In the end, it reduces the number of times that you’ve to scrub your toilet or uses abrasive cleaners. Toilets without this function are a pain to clean, with some requiring cleaning after every use.


To Sum Up:

A clean and beautiful toilet is one of the most valuable assets for any home, hotel room, or office. From the compact, affordable models to the luxurious, expensive toilets for homeowners, American standard cadet 3 has a lot in store for its prospective users.

According to the points I covered in this American Standard Cadet 3 toilet review, I can confidently say that it is a well-rounded product.

The American Standard Cadet 3 is a multi-featured toilet. It is ADA compliant (as long as the flush trip lever is on the approach side of the toilet), this compliance means that this toilet can be fitted in restrooms that are used by the public and employees. The toilet is Water Sense certified which may make you eligible for a rebate, plus the low consumption will reduce your water bills. A long, 5-year warranty gives confidence in the durability of the toilet.

I will highly recommend this product to you all.


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