Dometic 300 Series Standard Height Toilet – Is the Toilet Worth It?

Dometic 300 Series Standard Height Toilet – Is the Toilet Worth It?

Dometic 300 series toilets have extremely powerful gravity flushes. They are simply capable of removing the entire waste in one single flush. They are residential-style toilets, designed for maximum comfort for their users. Their standard height plays a huge role in making it easy to use for almost everyone.

A powerful triple-jet flush system removes waste completely with this lightweight, standard-height Dometic 300 toilet. Water is kept in the bowl by the watertight flush ball system, which results in preventing the unpleasant odor from your bathroom.

When it comes to the Dometic 300 Standard Height toilets, people are often interested to know “What’s so exceptional about these toilets?” Well, everything about them is great. The extremely powerful jet cleaning action keeps the entire bowl clean and stainless after every single use. Moreover, its standard height provides comfort to every user and these toilets are pretty much durable and elegant looking as well.

Another great thing about the Dometic 300 series toilet is that they have a pedal flush. Yes, you do not have to move around to push the flush button. You can simply use your foot to produce the flush, which is more than enough to provide coverage to the overall bowl of your toilet.

Dometic 300 Series – Specifications

Let’s take a look at the Technical Details of the product.

Product Dometic 300 Series
Manufacturer Dometic
Model 300
Toilet Type Portable
Dimensions 19.25 x 15 x 20 inches
Weight 8.25 pounds/ 3.67 KGs
Shape Elongated
Style Modern
Material Plastic
Flush Type Pedal
Colors Available White and Bone color
Hand Sprayer Included No
Installation Method Floor Mounted
No. of pieces 1
Price Range Check On Amazon


Here are some great things about the Dometic 300 series toilet.

  1. Suitable for Residential and Business Areas – First great thing about this toilet is that it is suitable for residential as well as business areas. Its unique and elegant finish gives the entire bathroom a luxurious look.
  2. For Campers and RVs – Dometic 300 toilets are great for campers, RVs, and others who enjoy traveling in smaller vehicles. They come with residential toilet heights and full-size seats.
  3. Standard Height – Its standard 18-inch height makes it the overall best toilet seat for the whole family. Regardless of age and height, everyone can have comfortable use of the toilet with this Dometic 300 series toilet.
  4. Light in Weight – The toilet is light in weight as well. Usually, heavy toilets are not only difficult to install, but they add pretty much weight to the recreation vehicle as well. Dometic 300 toilet’s 8.2 pounds’ weight makes it easy to install and does not add unnecessary weight to the vehicle at all.
  5. Triple Jet Technology – In addition to gravity-flushing capabilities, the 300 series toilets provide triple powerful jets that completely eliminate the waste without leaving a single stain or dirt into the bowl.
  6. Pedal Flush – Moreover, they feature a pedal flush instead of a hand flush system and that’s perhaps the best thing about these toilets. You can simply use your foot to produce a flush.
  7. Adjustable Water Levels – The residential-style toilet seat provides exceptionally low flush functionality with as little as one pint/.5 liter per flush. Also, the fact that they come with adjustable water levels makes them both economically and hygienically sound.
  8. Flush Ball and Valve System – The flush ball system in this throne prevents water from escaping from within the bowl, thus maintaining clean water. Using the ball system in combination with a valve, the black box retains all the unwanted odors inside of it. This ensures the absence of any unpleasant odors in your entire bathroom.

Installation of Dometic 300 Series Toilet

If you had an old toilet that wasn’t mounted on a raised platform, it is possible to replace it with the Dometic toilet by using a straight 2-bolt, angled 2-bolt, or 4-bolt configuration. The internet will no longer be your source of finding the perfect match for what you had before. Therefore, it is very convenient.

Installation of Dometic 300 Series Toilet

Installation requirements

First of all, contact a qualified service professional for help in relocating your toilet.

Make sure that your current toilet:

  1. Has water supply lines can pass through the wall or floor of the building. A floor-mounted elbow adapter kit is required if the line exits the floor.
  2. Has two bolts perpendicular to the back wall attached to the floor.
  • The correct color Universal Mounting Kit is required if there are four bolts.
  • You may use a Universal Mounting Kit if you want to change the orientation of the toilet or you can replace the floor flange with the one that aligns with your preferred orientation.
  1. Has a level surface. It may be necessary to use a taller seal than the one provided if you are installing the flange in the sub-floor.

Also, make sure you have enough space for the new toilet to fit in perfectly. Compare the dimensions of both; the old and new toilets and also verify the door swing clearance.

How to Install

How to Install Dometic 300 Series Toilet

  1. Attach the new T-bolts to the floor flange. The new floor flange seal should be installed on the toilet’s base (It comes preinstalled on some models). The toilet should now be placed over the flange of the floor carefully.
  2. Lower the toilet onto the floor flange, aligning the holes in the base with the T-bolts in the floor. In order to prevent leaks, make sure that the entire toilet base outlet drain fits in perfectly. Then, mount the new floor mounting nuts on the T-bolts and attach the new floor mounting washers.
  3. Fix the floor mount nuts firmly. Avoid overtightening.
  4. Install the ground mounting cap on the ground mounting nut. In case of a wet floor, to prevent water from seeping under the base of a toilet installed, apply a bead of caulk around its base.
  5. The water supply line should be connected and the connection torqued to 30–40 in. lb. Make sure you don’t overtighten. You will need to install a 1/2-inch water supply line if it is located on the floor.
  6. Now turn on the water supply. Perform several flushes and make sure there is no leakage.
  7. Pour water into the bowl and let it stand for an hour and then check again.
  • Easy to install and lightweight.
  • It is the standard height for the elderly as well as the tall
  • Foot pedal for flushing without holding the handles.
  • Design that is attractive and decent
  • Triple jet action with the powerful thrust
  • Needs half a liter of water for each flush. Hence, saves water wastage.
  • There’s nothing not like-able about the Dometic 300 series toilet.



Buying Guide

While buying a suitable Toilet for your bathroom, do consider:

The Cost and Your Budget

Make sure you’re looking for a product that’s affordable for you yet durable and well-performing as well. You should neither go for an extremely low cost, nor too high if you want a toilet for your home. A medium costing toilet would perform great for years.

Size of Your Bathroom

The next thing to consider, choose a toilet seat that would fit nicely into your bathroom. It should neither be too large for your bathroom nor too small. Because a bigger one would make your bathroom look congested while a smaller one won’t suit really well. So, keep your bathroom dimensions and the toilet dimensions in mind while purchasing a new toilet.

Shape and Height

Also, look for a very comfortable seat. The shape and height of your toilet play a huge role in the comfort that it provides. Mostly, elongated shaped and standard height toilets are the most comfortable. So, choose accordingly.

Water Consumption

Another very important thing to notice is how much water does the flush of your toilet uses. Because it shouldn’t be wasting water obviously. No doubt, it must produce a strong, powerful flush for thorough cleaning of the entire bowl, but it still must not contribute to water wastage.

Installation Type and Flush Strength

And at last, comes the most important thing; the Installation Type and the Flush Strength. Installation type greatly affects ease, the convenience of installation. So, you must know what type of installation can your bathroom’s floor and walls can support. Also, the flushing power of a toilet is the most important point to consider. Your toilet must be worthy enough to produce a flush that covers the entire bowl and ensures thorough cleaning, without leaving a single stain or dirt in the bowl.


How do you fix a leaking Dometic toilet?
A Dometic toilet usually leaks because of an old or defective seal. So, you need to replace the flange seal on your toilet with a new one. The toilet water should be turned off firstly. Now, for a drained toilet, flush. Remove the toilet from the floor. Put a new seal on it and then put the toilet back. Turn the water back on.
How do you replace the seal on a Dometic toilet?
You can simply do this by turning off the toilet water first. Then perform a flush once, in order to drain the toilet completely. Next, remove the toilet from the ground and adjust the new seal in place of the older one. Put the toilet back on and that’s it. You can now start using it again as usual.



This was all about the Dometic 300 series Standard Height toilet. If you’re still thinking about what to do next, stop. Just go and make a purchase. We guarantee you that you won’t regret having it in your bathroom. We hope we’ve been helpful in your search for this Dometic Toilet.

In the end, we would recommend you always hire a professional for installation, fixation, or replacement of your toilets.


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