Kohler K-3493-0 Highline Classic Toilet – An Honest Review

Kohler K-3493-0 Highline Classic Toilet – An Honest Review

Kohler is a well-known brand that is highly reputed in the bathroom market for a long time. With regards to these toilets, they are viewed as solid, exceptionally proficient, and dependable.

Its Class Five Flushing Technology is very powerful in rinsing the toilet and making it neat and clean. Its comfort height is specially designed for adults having knee joint problems.

The Kohler Highline Classic will give you a superior toilet experience with improved flushing power.

Kohler Highline Classic – Specifications

Brand Kohler
Pieces: Two-piece toilet
Material: Ceramic (Vitreous china)
Shape: Elongated
Switch/Handle Placement: Left
Flushing framework: Pressure Assist
Flush Rating (Map Test): >1000 Comfort Height
Certificate: Watersense
Seat: excluded
Guarantee: 1-year restricted guarantee
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Kohler Highline Classic – Review

Kohler Highline Classic - Review

This all-around toilet utilizes a pressing factor that helped the flushing framework to eliminate solid waste from the bowl, utilizing 1.6 gallons (around 6 liters) of water per flush. That permits you to save more than 2,000 of each year.

Moreover, it includes a standard stature and left-hand lever switch. The toilet accompanies an extended bowl that gives additional space and comfortable sitting.

A standard 12″ inch makes it suitable for many bathrooms. Nonetheless, you’ll need to buy a few things like a toilet seat, supply line, and wax ring since they are excluded.

Pros and Cons of Kohler K-3493-0

  • Its Water-saving technology saves gallons of water
  • It is an ADA complaint
  • Its seat is very comfortable
  • It is simple to introduce
  • Does not accompany any seat


Kohler Highline Classic – Features

While the Kohler Highline Classic isn’t one of those extravagant toilets that accompany progressed capacities, it actually offers every one of the significant highlights. We should investigate the key highlights.

Kohler Highline Classic - Features

Comfort Height

Being two inches higher than standard toilets, the Kohler Highline Classic offers open seating at the seat level. This makes it simpler to plunk down and hold up.

Seniors and grown-ups with knee or lower back issues will see the value in the somewhat raised tallness. Then again, the toilet can be somewhat tall for little kids.

Great Materials

The porcelain materials add to the extraordinary solidness notwithstanding the exquisite look. Glassy china has been demonstrated to be an incredibly solid material, so this toilet is worked to endure forever.

Additionally, it is exceptionally impervious to residue and soil. It will save you with the issue of cleaning your toilet oftentimes and leave you more opportunities for different things.

Construction and Design

This is a two-piece toilet – the bowl and tank are isolated – that accompanies a stretched seat for added solace.

Thus, how about we check these segments independently.

Bowl: The ceramic bowl includes an extended floor mount base for the additional room. Think about it in the event that you have a little washroom. Additionally, the bowl is fairly more than expected. That is the reason the complete toilet length (from the external edge to the back divider) is marginally expanded.

Tank: The remarkably formed tank is furnished with a tough punch or unclogger for further developed usefulness. Its use of a constrain helped flush activity to eliminate any obstructs in the flush valve. Note that the flush excursion switch is situated on the left side.

In general, this all-around planned unit looks pleasant and finds a place with different washroom stylistic themes. It mixes in impeccably with most shower styles and installations, so it will probably be a decent counterpart for your restroom.

Incredible Flushing System

Pressing Lite brand technology is unquestionably the best component of this gravity-flush toilet. On account of this incredible framework, the toilet can work really hard of flushing the waste. Simultaneously, it will diminish your water impression utilizing just 1.6 gallons per flush.


How to Install the Kohler Highline Classic Toilet

It is very easy to install the Kohler Highline Classic toilet. Most DIY individuals will actually want to introduce this unit all alone. In the event that you’ve introduced any toilet previously, this shouldn’t be an issue for you. Besides, the different segments are not difficult to convey and generally light.

All things considered, you are probably going to experience a few hardships when beginning to introduce this toilet.

How to Install the Kohler Highline Classic Toilet

Some Precautions

Ambiguous guidelines: Most directions are really clear. The part that depicts how to append the bowl to the tank isn’t clarified plainly, however.

Gasket bolts aren’t adequately long: You will struggle to interface the tank with the toilet bowl. That is a result of the short gasket bolts that are not equipped for stretching out through the mounting openings. These bolts ought to be constrained back in the tank physically.

You will not get all the fundamental equipment: Despite being a fixed box, the toilet might do not have a few parts. The organization won’t deliver substitution equipment as a rule.

Customer’s Reviews

Here are some of the customer reviews, let’s see what are the thoughts of the people regarding this toilet

  1. “I put two of these into a rental property where the plumbing was causing periodic problems. Problem eliminated (heh, heh). One word of caution: I think this toilet would Power-Flush the family cat if your 4-year-old gets the idea.”
  2. “The flushing mechanism on this toilet is completely flawed. I have spent hours on the phone with Kohler about the problem and have had no luck getting any help with this. Every time you flush the toilet the metal Bar that sits on top of the flush handle falls off. I cannot believe that this is designed this way. I thought maybe we had a faulty mechanism, but when Kohler sent me another one it was exactly the same. I ended up rigging it with a plastic twist tie. This is unacceptable.”
  3. “This thing works like a dream! It’s a tad loud (sometimes wakes up my wife with a big “WHOOOOSH!” sound) but, other than that, we’re very happy with it. Installation was a breeze, requiring only basic plumbing skills & tools, and it solved a long-standing problem. Our old toilet would often plug and not empty properly, no doubt due to poor venting or poor pipe layout. I was hoping I wouldn’t have to replumb the thing (tearing out sheetrock, flooring, etc.), and this unit solved the problem. It took about 45 minutes to install. Highly recommended!”


There are many categories in which Kohler Highline’s classic toilet has excelled. Its design is minimal, powerful flush, comfort height all these things make this toilet an amazing one.

But there are some areas where this toilet shows up average features. We can’t say that this toilet is better than other top-notch toilets available in the market today.

When you are spending your hard-earned money then a single penny matters. This toilet is no doubt worth buying. If you are more concerned about the powerful flush and height this toilet will definitely provide you value for money.

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