Most Comfortable Toilet Seats Anyone Can opt for!

Most Comfortable Toilet Seats Anyone Can opt for!

When talking about a toilet being comfortable, it doesn’t only mean it should be comfortable to sit on. By the comfort of a toilet, we mean perfect height, with a perfectly shaped bowl and various other comfort features such as a soft-closing seat and powerful flushing technology.

Moreover, if you ask us, the best-padded toilet seats are actually the most comfortable toilet seats because they provide you the most comfort even if you sit for long. Among various shapes of toilets, including round, elongated, and even square, most of the users find the elongated ones the most comfortable toilet seats. The main reason is the perfectly sized bowl shape, which is comfortable for the elderly as well as convenient for use by everyone.

Related to the comfort of toilets, people often ask “How can I make my toilet seat more comfortable?” Here are a few tips we would want our readers to know for making their toilets more comfortable to use.

  • The lower the toilet seat, the harder it is to bend down and get up, so you might want to consider a raised toilet seat or platform base.
  • Having a cushioned toilet seat has been proven to provide a variety of benefits such as pressure for many medical conditions could be relieved that can improve the bathroom experience. Therefore, adding a cushion to the seat would be a great idea.

What is the Most Comfortable Toilet Bowl Shape?

What is the Most Comfortable Toilet Bowl Shape

According to 90% of the users, elongated toilet bowls are the most comfortable ones. They provide convenient and comfortable sitting as there is longer support for thighs, so the knees also sit comfortably. Moreover, because of its oval shape, there’s much space to easily reach down your hand inside the bowl and wash yourself up after use.

Is a Round or Elongated Toilet Seat Better?

Although it totally depends on anyone’s personal preferences, most of the users prefer having elongated seats. They are a better choice as they have a wider area inside the bowl which makes the use as well as the cleaning easier for all genders and ages. Hence, they’re more hygienic.

On the other hand, round toilets seats too are an amazing choice for small space bathrooms and especially for the use by children because you won’t have to worry about them being slipped in.

Top Pick
Bath Royale BR606-02

Premium Elongated Toilet Seat has to be our today’s top pick. The major reason is that it’s a replacement toilet seat that perfectly fits all toilet brands including Kohler, Toto, and American Standard.


6 Most Comfortable Toilet Seats

A toilet can’t be of worthy use if it isn’t comfortable enough. Based on our research and what we have reviewed, we’ve shortlisted the six most comfortable toilet seats you need to look for when looking for a high-quality toilet seat.

Here’s what we have for you.

  1. Bemis 1500EC 146 Toilet Seat
  2. KOHLER K-4636-47 Cachet Quiet Close
  3. MAYFAIR 1843SLOW 000 Lannon Toilet Seat
  4. Vive Toilet Seat Riser
  5. Bath Royale BR606-02
  6. Delta Faucet Morgan 811903-WH

1. BEST BUDGET CHOICE – Bemis 1500EC 146 Toilet Seat

BEST BUDGET CHOICE- Bemis 1500EC 146 Toilet Seat

Throughout the world, Bemis toilet seats enhance residential and commercial properties with quality, innovation, and style. A wide variety of designs are available for Bemis toilet seats, making it easy for them to fit into any bathroom.

Bemis 1500EC 146 is a toilet seat for an elongated bowl and has a wooden construction. The seat is super smooth and easy to clean as well. For cleaning and replacement also, the toilet seat lifts off easily. You need only twist the hinges and it comes off.

The beautiful wrap-around design combines the toilet seat and bowl harmoniously, while the whisper close feature prevents both rings and covers from slamming shut.


This Bemis toilet seat is a 1 pack Elongated seat that is perfectly styled to fit most of the elongated toilets including Japanese brand TOTO, American Standard toilet seat, and Kohler. This seat would go for traditional as well as modern bathroom styles for residential use.


A good quality toilet seat has to have an easy installation and replacement. This elongated toilet seat by Bemis has plastic hinges that easily twist for unlocking or tightening it. So, installation or removal of the seat is pretty much convenient.


Because of its elongated shape, the seat is super easy to clean from the outside as well as from the inside. Also, the smooth surface makes it easy and fast for a cleanser to work, and hence cleans up the toilet crystal clear, without having a need to rub.


There are four bumpers under the seat that keep it in place and prevent it from shifting while in use. This protects the hinges in the long run and avoids damage.


You can only have this seat fitted on an elongated bowl-shaped toilet. For rectangular, square or round toilets, you’ll have to look for some other toilet seat.


Brand Bemis
Dimensions 18.8 inches x 14.1 inches x 2 inches
Weight 7 Pounds
Material Wood
Shape Oval
Color Almond, Cotton White, Bone, Dresden Blue, Venetian Pink, and a few more.
  • Wooden construction keeps the seat warm
  • Includes a water-resistant coating to prevent the wood from taking in moisture
  • Suitable and highly affordable for residential bathrooms
  • Perfectly fits elongated bowls and is easy to install
  • Use of some harsh cleanser would damage the build



2. BEST OVERALL – Bath Royale BR606-02

BEST OVERALL - Bath Royale BR606-02

Providing a limited selection of top-quality products that simplify your life with convenient features, enhanced performance, and reliability, Bath Royale offers you a limited yet worthy selection of top-quality products.

This toilet seat is considered superior to a soft seat made of wood or plastic padding. This is because it is constructed of the most stain-resistant plastic, polypropylene (plastic).

This premium Bath Royale toilet is definitely going to be your best choice. Their mounting hardware is super high-quality, and the construction is sturdy. Also, extremely comfortable to use. Furthermore, it has solid color throughout, so it won’t peel, chip, or fade over time. With regular cleaning and proper care, its beautiful high-gloss finish lasts for years to come.


Accidents such as cracked toilets and pinched fingers can be prevented with Slow Close. Just tapping forward will cause the lid to close quietly and softly on its own. However, Bath Royal’s soft-close seats can even be forced to close repeatedly if you intend to close them quickly. This won’t cause any issues to the seat.


This Bath Royale toilet seat fits a wide variety of toilet bowls from Crane and Delta to Eljer, Bemis, Gerber, and others. Compatible with toilets with non-standard mounting holes ranging from 4.5 to 6.5 inches. However, the important thing is to determine if you need an elongated or round toilet seat.


These toilets seats are pretty much easier to clean as well. A little effort would detach the seat from the toilet, with the help of a quick-release feature and you’re all good to go with a thorough cleaning!


Bath Royal’s toilet seat is available for both the elongated as well as round toilet bowls. Both are equally amazing; you’ll just have to see which one your toilet needs.


Brand Bath Royale
Dimensions 20.25 inches x 15.25 inches x 3 inches
Weight 4.69 Pounds
Material Propylene (Plastic)
Shape Oval, Round
Color Almond, Bone
  • Premium quality toilets seats, extremely comfortable
  • The construction is solid and sturdy
  • Mounting hardware is high-quality
  • Both the cover and the seat have a soft close mechanism.
  • Bidets, grab bars, and risers installed between the toilet seat and bowl are not compatible with Bath Royal toilet seats.



3. BEST BY DESIGN – Vive Toilet Seat Riser

BEST BY DESIGN- Vive Toilet Seat Riser

In order to ensure that the user can adequately clean themselves while seated, this elongated seat has a longer anterior-to-posterior opening. It will be especially helpful for people who have difficulty moving around.

This Vive toilet seat riser is the best thing you can purchase for anyone at your home with mobility issues. It does not only prevent bending for sitting and standing but is also a superior toilet seat in appearance as well as its functioning. It is a raised toilet seat and has attached padded arms which facilitate sitting and standing up easily for the handicapped as well.


Every other toilet you’re going to install would definitely need some tools to get the nuts and bolts fixed in place. This Vive toilet seat is just a hand installation. The screws and washers included with it ensure a secure attachment without the need for tools.


This Vive toilet seat fits your existing toilet, making it an elevated toilet seat with an extra height of 3 and a half inches. This makes the use of the toilet super convenient for people with mobility issues.


Comfortable foam hand grips enclose the support handles to provide additional support when sitting or standing. For a secure grip, the handles have a non-slip surface. Furthermore, it is easy to remove the handles if needed, and the space between the handles is generous at 22 inches which provides much space for the user sitting or standing up.


The best thing about this Vive toilet seat is that it comes for both rounds as well as elongated toilets. Also, they’re portable as well. So, you can carry them along too.


Normal bathroom cleansers or disinfectants can be used to clean up this toilet seat as well as the handles.


Brand Vive
Dimensions 20.5 inches x 15.25 inches x 8.75 inches
Weight 5.39 Pounds
Style Elongated
Shape Oval, Round
Color Cotton White
  • An ideal toilet seat for people with mobility issues
  • Padded handles provide maximum support for the user
  • Raised height for convenient sitting and standing up
  • Easy installation and cleaning
  • Might be less comfortable for people with extra short height
  • This is how you install a raised toilet seat.



4. KOHLER K-4636-47 Cachet Quiet Close

KOHLER K-4636-47 Cachet Quiet Close

This cachet seat blends a sophisticated design with state-of-the-art technology to fit most elongated toilets. Seats are firmly held in place by unique grip-tight bumpers. Furthermore, the Q3 advantage seat also features Soft-close technology to prevent it from slamming shut with noise and makes cleaning and installation easy.

For a great look over time, the cover is made from solid plastic that resists stains, fading, chipping, and peeling. Furthermore, quick-release hinges make it easy to remove the seat for regular cleaning, making the bathroom more hygienic.


Noisy toilet seat lids are annoying and irritating. For an amazing experience, this Kohler toilet seat features an amazing soft-close technology that ensures zero noise every time it is closed. Like many local toilet seats, it does not slam shut, rather closes softly and quietly.


The bottom of the seat is set into place with the support of four grip tight bumpers that keep the seat in place and hence prevent shifting while in use.


A good quality toilet should be easy to disassemble and clean whenever needed. This Kohler toilet seat is installed with quick-release hinges that conveniently come off by twisting and hence, facilitate thorough cleaning of the toilet.


This toilet seat has an elongated toilet seat length and hence, sits perfectly on most of the elongated bowls.


Brand Kohler
Dimensions 18.63 inches x 14.19 inches x 1.13 inches
Weight 5 pounds
Material Plastic
Shape Oval
Color Almond, Cashmere, Black, Ice Grey, and a few more.
  • Fits perfectly to standard toilets with elongated bowls
  • Easy to clean under and around the bolt connections
  • The nuts and bolts hold the anchor tightly in place
  • High-quality plastic build and hence softer than wooden seats
  • Comes with only a 1-year limited warranty
  • Tall people might find it a bit uncomfortable to sit on the seat



5. MAYFAIR 1843SLOW 000 Lannon Toilet Seat

MAYFAIR 1843SLOW 000 Lannon Toilet Seat

This Mayfair toilet seat is durable molded wood made and comes with a high-gloss finish that will not chip or scratch even over years of use. Also, it is suitable for almost any elongated bowl.

With the Whisper-Close hinge, the Mayfair toilet seat lowers the lid slowly and quietly, preventing slamming and pinched fingers. Furthermore, it features Top-Tite’s STA-TITE seat fastening system that keeps the seat securely fastened so it will never come loose or shaky.


There is an aesthetic appeal to wood toilet seats that plastic ones cannot compete with. This MAYFAIR toilet seat also comes with wooden construction and hence, is a durable product for years to come. The best part, you won’t have to sit on a freezing cold seat in winters because the wooden build keeps the seat warm.


Toilets with soft closing toilet seat lids deserve appreciation for the peace they offer. This Mayfair toilet seat is also one. The seat closes quietly and softly, offering a peaceful experience to users.


Because of the high-quality wooden construction of this toilet seat, it stays resistant to chipping, cracking, or even scratching. As long as you’re using mild and soft cleaning products, you won’t have to fear the damage to your seat.


This toilet seat too, like the ones mentioned above, gets tightly secured in place. Its STA-TITE seat fastening system fixes the seat firmly and prevents it from being shaky.


This toilet seat design only fits oval-shaped elongated bowl toilets. Does not fit round or other shaped toilets.


Dimensions 20.75 inches x 14.5 inches x 2.5 inches
Weight 6.7 Pounds
Material Wood
Shape Oval
Color White
  • Wooden construction keeps the seat warm in winters
  • STA-TITE fastening systems prevents the seat from being shaky
  • The seat closes slowly and softly
  • Won’t crack or scratch over the years if used carefully
  • Any harsh cleanser would badly damage the build
  • Installation could be a bit complicated



6. Delta Faucet Morgan 811903-WH

Delta Faucet Morgan 811903-WH

This toilet seat uses premium quality plastic and firmly stays in place without being shaky or sliding. The contour of the seat is pretty smooth and comfortable, so cleans up to the max with great ease.

This Morgan elongated closed-front toilet seat is easy to install and can be relied upon for many years. Designed and manufactured for outstanding durability and functionality, Delta toilet seats are among the best on the market. Their anti-skid seat bumpers provide extra stability. Furthermore, the finish resists staining, fading, chipping, and peeling.


The seat offers slow and soft closing, preventing the slamming shut noise. All you have to do is just tap the seat after use and move away with no worries of a slam shut.


The non-slip bumpers do a great job of fixing and securing the toilet seat tightly in place. They prevent shifting and the shakiness of the toilet. With these bumpers, your toilet would stay in place for years to come.


The durable and super fine finish over the plastic seat strongly resists any stains and cracks. The toilet seat won’t chip, crack or get scratches.


This particular model fits the elongated toilet bowls only. However, Delta toilet seats are also available for round toilets. If you have a round toilet, you may check Delta 801903-WH model.


This Delta seat comes with well-guided installation instructions, and you’ll probably get done with the job within 30 minutes. Moreover, the cleaning is super easy with its smooth surface. You may also remove the seat and clean up the toilet thoroughly.


Brand Delta Faucet
Dimensions 18.5 inches x 14 inches x 2 inches
Weight 4.25 Pounds
Material Plastic
Shape Oval
Color White
  • The slow close seat feature ensures a quiet use
  • A high-quality finish acts as a barrier against stains and scratches
  • Considering the price point, this seat is a bargain
  • Mounting nuts and bolts are of plastic or nylon, so, shouldn’t be overtightened.



What is the Difference Between Top Fix and Bottom Fix Toilet Seats?

The top-fixing toilet seat is attached to the pan by means of two bolts that are tightened from the top. In some closed-off toilets, such as back-to-wall toilets, or in modern one-piece toilets, top-fixing hinges are used when the bottom of the pan cannot be accessed.

On the other hand, bottom toilet seat fixings are more of a traditional style and are tightened from underneath, usually with wing nuts, after being installed from the top.

Which is Better a Plastic Seat or a Wooden Toilet Seat?

This, again, is a completely personal choice. Though most people prefer having plastic seats because they’re more hygienic and in the trend. Toilet seats made of wood are warmer and more comfortable, but difficult to clean at the same time. It feels warmer and more inviting to sit on a wooden toilet seat. They match rustic decor nicely.

However, plastic toilet seats are easier to clean and more versatile, though they are often uncomfortable, particularly in the winter. Compared to a wooden seat, a plastic toilet seat looks sleeker and more modern.

How do I Know What Toilet Seat Fits?

Determining the length of your toilet bowl would give you an idea of what toilet seat would exactly fit in. To determine the bowl’s length, measure its length from the outside edge of the front edge to the seat bolts. If your toilet has a round bowl, this measurement should be 16.5 inches. On the other hand, an elongated bowl should measure 18 or 18.5 inches in diameter.

Notable Mentions

Other than the six most comfortable toilets we’ve mentioned above, you may also take a look at:

  1. TOP SEAT TinyHiney Potty Elongated Toilet Seat
  2. TOTO SS114#03 Transitional Soft Close Elongated Toilet Seat

1. TOP SEAT Tiny-Hiney Potty Elongated Toilet Seat

The potty-training experience of your child is made much easier with this convenient, innovative toilet seat. Both adults and children can use it. The potty seat can be flipped down when not in use. A magnetic closure chromed metal hinges keep it flipped in place.

From the hinge holes to the inside end of the bowl, this model fits elongated bowls that measure 18.5″ long. The hardware for installation is also included.


2. TOTO SS114#03 Transitional Soft Close Elongated Toilet Seat

TOTO SS114#03 Transitional Soft Close Elongated Toilet SeatFeaturing the latest innovative smart seat technology, this TOTO toilet seat is non-slamming, slow-closing, and non-smashing. Designed specifically to decrease injury and prevent the annoyance of toilet seat slamming, this seat is constructed of solid, high-impact plastic.

Additionally, the seat is made of high-gloss polypropylene, along with rubber pads for improved stability.

Things to Consider Before Buying Comfortable Toilet Seats

While purchasing a smart toilet, here are a few things you must consider.

Shape – The shape of a toilet while purchasing one is an extremely important thing to consider. Smart toilets come in different shapes such as round, elongated, and square. But the most comfortable ones are known to be the elongated ones because they provide more space to get your business done and clean yourself up with ease.

Material – The material of a smart toilet highly specifies its lifetime. A good quality build and sturdy construction would help your toilet perform well for a long time. While making a purchase, make sure you opt for one with high-quality material which would be resistant to stains and scratches.

Water Consumption – Good quality toilets focus on saving water, without compromising their performance and functionalities. So, while choosing one for yourself, do know about the water consumption rate and then buy accordingly.

Self-Cleaning Features – Smart Toilets have self-cleaning features which make them super hygienic toilets. Along with a self-cleaning nozzle, some toilets like TOTO Washlet G400 also have some additional features such as a deodorizer to keep the bathroom environment friendly. So, according to your budget and preference, you can choose a toilet accordingly.

Most Comfortable Toilet Seats – FAQs

How do I stop my toilet seat from banging?
To make your toilet seat fixed and firm, here’s what you need to do: 1. You’d need to remove the seat and carefully put aside the bolts you’ve taken off. 2. Then, open the hinge caps first. Use a flathead screwdriver for that. 3. When you’re done, grab two provided bolts and insert them where you opened the hinge caps, each in one hole. You’re going to break these off after you screw them in. For now, put the seat back, placing the bolts inside the holes where you removed the seat. 4. Now, grab each of the nuts and start feeding it on the thread underneath the seat. 5. This will adjust the seat. Fix the seat in place as needed, and then tighten the bolts with Phillips. Make sure you do not overtighten. 6. When you’re done, check if the seat now closes softly, without banging. If it’s okay, grab pliers and tighten the bolts until they break. 7. That’s all you needed to do. You can now close the hinge cap back and you’re good to go with your toilet that doesn’t bang or slam anymore. Here’s a visual representation of what we’re talking about.
Are all toilet seat fittings the same?
No. As toilets come in all shapes and sizes, NOT all toilet seats will fit them equally, so check your toilet before you buy one. In the USA, there are three common types, ⦁ pointed-nosed seats ⦁ D-shaped seats ⦁ , And round-nosed seats.



The definition of comfortable toilet seats could be different for different people. For people with mobility issues, heightened toilet seats with padded arms for support would be the real comfort, while for normal users, a seat with warming features and an elegant style could define their comfort.

Keeping in mind different possibilities, we have tried our best to review the best toilet seats for anyone looking for one. We hope our article would have been helpful for our readers!

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