Elongated Vs Round Toilets – Which Ones Are Better?

Elongated Vs Round Toilets – Which Ones Are Better?

Toilets are something that decides the overall vibe of your bathroom, so they must be an elegant choice! Depending upon the size of your bathroom and your personal preferences, there are plenty of different toilet options you can choose from. For example, standard height toilets, extra tall height toilets, round and rectangular toilets, etc. But the major debate continues for elongated vs round toilet seats.

The functionality of both toilets does not differ in any way. Both the round and elongated toilets function in a similar way with the only difference being their size and ease of use. Round toilets literally fit in any bathroom space because of their compact size. While the elongated ones would require a bit of extra space in your bathroom.

When talking about the round and elongated toilets, people often ask “Are elongated toilet seats more comfortable?” Here’s an answer.

Yes! Elongated toilet seats are way more comfortable than any other toilet shape. This is because they have a longer bowl front which provides greater space for use and washing up. Also, they make it easier to sit and stand up, and make the legs rest with ease even if you have to sit for long.

Another amazing thing about elongated toilet seats is that they are highly suitable for people with mobility issues as well.

Does it Matter? Using Round or Elongated Toilet

Does it Matter Using Round or Elongated Toilet

Of course! It does matter. Round and Elongated toilets make a huge difference when it comes to their use. Round toilets have been in trend for the longest time until the elongated ones took over. If you’re somebody using a round toilet, you would know they could be an uncomfortable use for taller and thicker people.

While the elongated ones, such as the popular TOTO Drake Elongated Toilet make it the most comfortable use for men, women, taller, shorter, and even thicker people. This is because the bowl offers wider space and is also considered more hygienic.

Difference Between Round Front and Elongated Toilets

Round front toilets have circular bowls while elongated ones have oval-shaped bowls. Elongated toilets necessarily have two inches longer bowls fronts than that round toilets. This is why elongated toilets are most comfortable for almost everyone but when it comes to space-saving, round toilets take over.

Also, round toilets are more of traditional toilets, so they save up a bit of money as well. While elongated toilets are costly.



When making a purchase for a toilet seat, it is important to know what type of toilet seat offers what features. Other than just the size and shape of the toilet bowls, there’s a lot more that should be known so you don’t end up buying the wrong one!

Here is a comparison of features for round and elongated toilets. Let’s dig in!


Round Toilets

Elongated Toilets

Standard Dimensions

Approximately 16.5 inches

Approximately 18.5 inches





2 inches smaller

2 inches longer

Standard Seat Height

Between 15 and 19 inches

Between 15 and 19 inches


Most comfortable for children and short people

Comfortable for everyone


Save up space in bathrooms

Occupy more space



Slightly expensive


Appearance is something that gives the first impression of your bathroom. So, it has to be a charming one. The major difference in the appearance of round and elongated toilets is actually the size and shape of the bowl. The round ones are obviously round in shape, with a little less wide bowl space. They have the advantage of occupying less space and hence, easily go with small bathrooms as well.

On the other hand, elongated toilets have an oval bowl shape. They have a wider bowl space and hence occupy more space in the bathroom as compared to round ones. However, in case you have limited bathroom space, but you still want to opt for an elongated toilet, there are compact elongated toilets available too.

ADA requirements also include the larger bowl size so elongated bowls make it ADA compliant toilets as well.

Ease of Use

Both the round and elongated toilets offer easy and convenient use, depending upon your physique, comfort level, and physical stability.

For children, round toilet bowls may be a better option as it would be easier for them to use the toilet with ease, without the fear of slipping in. Also, for people with short height, round toilet bowls could feel way easier to get their business done, even if they have to sit for a long time.

Elongated toilets, comparatively, are for everyone. Due to their wider bowl space, it is easier for everyone to use them, even if you’re somebody with a tall height or a fat body. So, they’re more comfortable to sit on, as they provide a few inches extra room for the bowl.

Furthermore, people with mobility issues also find elongated toilets more convenient to use because sitting and standing up is easier. There is more room to clean yourself up and hence, they’re more hygienic as well.



Most toilet manufacturers try keeping the measurements of round and elongated bowls standard with their respective toilets, so they don’t differ for every model, except for a few extra luxurious toilets. Round toilets are 2 inches smaller in size than the elongated ones.

Round toilets, however, are space-saving. They cover up less space and so can easily fit small bathrooms as well. They usually measure around 16.5 inches in size from the bowl tip to the seat bolts.

Elongated toilets are 2 inches longer in size than round ones. This makes elongated ones approximately 18.5 inches from bowl tip to the seat bolts. They do take a bit more space in your bathroom but do not appear to look extra in any way.

NOTE: The measurements of toilets may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. However, round ones continue to have 2 inches smaller bowl front than elongated ones.


Neither round nor elongated front toilets require special installation. Both are installed in the same way, using the same techniques. The toilet’s tank and bowl are connected first if it has a separate tank and bowl. And, if it is a one-piece toilet, the tank and bowl will be already connected, so you’ll skip this step.

Around the waste pipe, a wax ring is placed, and the toilet is angled into place. Then, after twisting the toilet and fixing it into the right position, the water line is secured in place and the bolts are tightened.

The installation of elongated bowls may be somewhat a bit difficult, but in most cases, this does not make much of a difference.

Power of Flush

With the advancement in technology, there are various flushing technologies being installed in new toilets, may it be around or an elongated one. There are dual flush toilets, pressure-assisted toilets, toilets with strong triple jet flushing technologies, double cyclone flush technologies, and a number of others too.

For both the round and elongated toilets, flushing technologies work in the exact same manner. The only difference that may occur is the improved cleanliness of an elongated bowl because they provide slightly better pressure. The rest depend on the quality of your toilet, and not on the shape or size of the bowl.

If seen from another perspective, elongated bowls offer more cleanliness and hygiene, as they are easier to clean. The wider bowls make it easier to clean the inside corners and edges as well as the entire bowl, keeping your bathroom environment fresh and healthy.

Can I Install an Elongated Toilet Seat on a Round Toilet?

Can I Install an Elongated Toilet Seat on a Round Toilet

Technically, yes. A round toilet will fit an elongated toilet seat, but they are likely to be uncomfortable. Normally, the elongated toilet seat overhangs the round toilet, but in some cases, the rim of the toilet can also be seen through the opening of the elongated toilet seat. As a result, it could be uncomfortable, especially for men.

To know best according to your toilet model and size, it would be better to contact a professional to get an exact idea of what could be the possibilities and results.

Can I Install a Round Toilet Seat on an Elongated Toilet?

Again, it isn’t something we can say is impossible. But it is not recommendable too. Elongated toilets can be fitted with round toilet seats, but we won’t say you should go for it. Elongated toilets have rims that will not be completely covered by a round toilet seat, hence exposing the rim.

As a matter of fact, there is no real issue with the toilet seat’s functionality in this case, but it is not very aesthetically pleasing to look at.



  • Ideal for small bathroom spaces
  • Best suitable for use by children and short-sighted people
  • Space-saving and traditional designs
  • Are affordable to buy and install
  • Less hygienic
  • A smaller bowl might not be much comfortable to use for some people




  • Best for normal or large bathrooms
  • Suitable for use by everyone
  • Convenient to use for people with mobility issues
  • Modern design and appearance
  • More hygienic and easy to clean
  • Won’t go with small bathroom spaces
  • Expensive



Elongated Vs Round Toilets – FAQ

Which toilet is better round or elongated?
If you ask us, elongated toilets are surely better than the round ones and there are reasons for that. Elongated toilets are more comfortable to use, as they provide wider bowl space to get your business done and clean up yourself with ease afterward. Furthermore, they offer a modern and more appealing look to your bathroom. Here’s a visual representation of a round and elongated toilet.



In a nutshell, elongated toilets are the best choice for most people.

Toilets come in various sizes, whether they are an elongated type or round type. Other than the standard-sized toilets, brands also manufacture toilets with varying heights, some having more height while some being compact. Also, there are one-piece as well as two-piece toilets.

So, when buying a toilet, choosing a round or elongated one is definitely the first thing to decide. But next, you also need to focus on what exactly are your needs and preferences. Keep your bathroom space and style in mind while choosing a toilet.

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