GPF Kohler Cimarron Toilet VS American Standard Champion 4

GPF Kohler Cimarron Toilet VS American Standard Champion 4

Are you thinking about the remodeling of your bathroom and can’t find the best toilet for you? I am here to help you to find the toilet that is worthy of every penny. That consumes less water and is budget-friendly.

The bathroom is the most used corner of your house so, it must be comfortable and pleasant enough. Make sure to install the best products in your bathroom to get the best comfort.

So, we will compare two famous toilets:

Technical Details

Product name👉  American Standard Champion 4  Kohler Cimarron 
Two-Piece Toilet Yes
Low Consumption Yes Yes
Clog-Free Design Yes Yes
Comfort  Height Seat Yes
Prolonged Bowl Yes Yes
Toilet Seat Included Yes No

While there are a lot of toilets available today in the market that comes in pretty much every value range. There are two models that captivate everyone: Kohler Cimarron and American Standard Champion 4.

Both of these toilets offer productivity and solace, yet they have a few contrasts that will assist you with choosing which one is the best decision for you.

We should investigate what each model has to bring to the table.

Kohler Cimarron

This toilet is accessible in five tones, the Cimarron is proficient, agreeable, and incredible. But on the other hand, it’s advanced in the plan, which implies it looks incredible in your bathroom. Looks may not be at the highest point of your must-have list, yet it’s surely a pleasant advantage.

This toilet offers various provisions that most property holders will greet wholeheartedly.

Kohler Cimarron

Cimarron Features

  • 28 gpf rating
  • Seat tallness seating
  • Two-piece
  • Lengthened bowl
  • Accessible in: white, roll, dark, ice dim, and shoal
  • AquaPiston innovation
  • Half and full flush

The Cimarron is intended to save water, which implies you set aside cash every month – and assist with saving the climate, as well. This toilet utilizes simply 1.28 gallons of water per flush, which can give reserve funds of up to 16,500 gallons of water every year contrasted with a regular 3.5-gallon toilet.

As per Big Bear Lake, CA’s Water Department, a 1.28 GPF rating is viewed as a low-stream latrine, which can get a good deal on your month-to-month water bill.

Alongside being proficient, this toilet is likewise strong. Clogging is once in a while an issue on account of the canister flush valve. This valve delivers an incredible flush that wipes out obstructs without squandering valuable water. AquaPiston innovation, Kohler’s protected flush motor, conveys an incredible and fitting free flush.

The Cimarron likewise has a pleasant water-saving element that double flush models have. Trip the flush switch rapidly, and the toilet will convey a half-flush.

The people who experience issues on and off a normal latrine will see the value in the Comfort Height of the Cimarron. This latrine is seat stature, which makes it simpler to get up and plunk down.

Pros and Cons

  • Amazing flush
  • Amazingly water proficient – 1.28 gpf
  • Double flush element
  • Agreeable tallness
  • Doesn’t accompany a toilet seat


The main grievance with the Kohler Cimarron is that it doesn’t accompany a toilet seat. You’ll need to purchase a toilet seat independently. It’s not a significant thing but it comes to notice most.

In the event that your top concern is water productivity, the Kohler Cimarron might be a decent decision for you. The 1.28 gpf rating makes the Cimarron one of the more proficient models available today.

American Standard Champion 4

American Standard is known for its quality toilets, and the Champion 4 is a fitting name for this model. Mixing effectiveness with solace and force, the Champion 4 infrequently stops up and comes as a solitary piece for simple cleaning.

American Standard Champion 4

Champion 4 Features

  • 6 gpf rating
  • One-piece
  • Extended bowl with siphon activity jets
  • Seat tallness bowl
  • Slow close latrine seat
  • Everclean surface

You can’t think of clogging if you have the Champion 4 toilet. This model can move a 70% bigger mass than other expensive toilets. While amazingly, this toilet figures out how to be peaceful and speedy. The enormous (2-3/8″), coated trapway forestall clogs and keeps everything streaming without a hitch, as indicated by Lowe’s.

The Champion 4 is important for American Standard’s Right Height assortment, which implies this toilet is agreeable to sit on and get up of. This model has a 16-1/2″ edge stature.

Cleaning is everybody’s most un-main thing, yet the Champion 4 makes your life somewhat simpler. The EverClean surface aides save the latrine cleaner for more. The one-piece configuration likewise makes it simple to keep the outside surfaces clean.

The slow-close toilet seat forestalls seat pummeling, so you don’t alarm other members of your family.

Pros and Cons

  • Water effective at 1.6 gpf
  • Toilet seat is at an agreeable tallness
  • One-piece configuration is not difficult to keep clean
  • EverClean surface keeps your latrine looking cleaner for more
  • Slow-close toilet seat forestalls hammering
  • Enormous trapway forestalls clogs
  • The stretched bowl might be excessively huge for certain bathrooms


The main problem with the Champion 4 toilet is that the stretched bowl might be excessively huge for certain washrooms. Make certain to twofold check the toilet’s measurements before purchasing to ensure it will fit in your washroom.

Additionally, HGTV says the vast majority observe extended bowl to be more agreeable. While they might be greater, they’re worth the additional land – in the event that you can save it.

Besides this minor issue, the Champion 4 is a productive, agreeable, and incredible toilet. In case you’re searching for a model that stays cleaner for more and accompanies a toilet seat, the Champion 4 might be a decent choice for you.

Where are Kohler toilets made?

Most Kohler fixtures sold in the U.S. are made in the U.S. at Kohler’s fixture plant in Sheridan, Arkansas. The parts that go into Kohler faucets were once made for the most part in the U.S. Today they are made in different nations, essentially China and India.

Where are American Standard toilets made?

American Standard Brands is a North American maker of plumbing apparatuses, sold under the American Standard, Crane, Fiat, Sanymetal, and Showerite names, situated in Piscataway, New Jersey, United States.

American Standard Champion 4 toilet problems

American Standard Champion 4 toilet problems

There are some normal issues related to utilizing the toilet. A portion of these include:

  • If you make the flush valve excessively close during establishment, you might encounter a break in the toilet. Guarantee you fix the hole expeditiously to stay away from additional harm.
  • The toilet once in a while gets obstructed, which might prompt a poor flushing activity and, thus, water wastage. You can fix the obstruct by emptying a bucketful of water into the toilet. You can likewise utilize an unclogger to fix this.
  • In some cases, the tank tops off leisurely. This might be a result of a somewhat shut-off valve. You should simply turn the valve, and afterward, the issue is addressed. In the event that the shut-off valve doesn’t cause the sluggish top off, get a handyman to take a gander at your toilet.

Kohler Cimarron Toilet problems

Kohler Cimarron Toilet problems

These are some of the reported problems experienced by the clients:

  • You need to buy the seat as a different unit.
  • A few clients have griped about incidental obstructing.
  • The shortfall of the supply line in the bundle might make the establishment somewhat precarious.
  • A few clients have grumbled about the tank spilling following a couple of a very long time of utilization.

To make fixes simple, get the manual for your model. You can get the manual utilizing the model number on your latrine. The model number can be found in the tank over the water level. Kohler toilets are generally simple to fix because their mechanical parts can supplant them. Simply ensure you get any new parts from a legitimate seller.


Kohler Cimarron offers you an agreeable toilet with an excellent plan that makes certain to coordinate with any bathroom style. You are likewise certain of getting a water-proficient toilet that is agreeable to utilize and simple to fix.

A portion of the toilets doesn’t accompany seats, albeit this ought not to be a major issue as it offers you noteworthy components at a sensible cost. In case you are hoping to get a toilet, online surveys, and Kohler Cimarron Toilet audits like this are the perfect spots to begin your hunt.

Whereas the American Standard Champion 4  is a best-in toilet that offers you a calm encounter each time you use it. It has an amazing flushing framework, and its EverClean surface makes it simple to clean. It saves water each flush, as well, so it will not build your service bills.

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