How to Fix a Kohler Toilet that keeps on Running – 2024 Guide

How to Fix a Kohler Toilet that keeps on Running – 2024 Guide

Kohler toilets are the commonly used toilets and when we talk about it, toilet leakage is one of the most common issues that most people face. Of course, it is a wastage of water and this problem must be addressed on time. Now the question arises that how to fix a Kohler toilet that keeps on running.

Don’t worry we have a solution for you!

There are 2 main reasons that make your toilet run all the time:

  • Damaged Flapper or seal
  • Broken toilet valve

To fix the issues first examine your toilet closely and find one of the problems. It is observed that mostly Kohler toilets have damaged flapper issues. So, let’s fix the leakage!

Working of the Kohler Toilet

There is a lever on the side of the toilet and when you pull it. It pulls on the chain which in turn lifts the flapper valve allowing water to flush off. After the water leaves the tank, the chain releases, the flapper goes back to its position, and the tank refills.

Working of the Kohler Toilet

Detecting the Problem

There is a test that you have to take to detect the problem that is causing the toilet leakage. For that follow the steps:

  • First of all, flush the toilet so that all the water leave the tank
  • Then refill the toilet and mark the water level in the tank
  • Now turn off the water supply
  • Leave the toilet unused for almost 6 hours
  • Now check the results

Case 1: If the water level is not changed, it means that the fill valve needs to be replaced

Case 2: If the water level changes but it are at the level of the flapper, it means that the flapper is      damaged and needs to be changed

Case 3: If the water is not present in the tank, it means that the problem is with the flush valve

Case 4: If the water level has changed a little, it means that the flush valve has some problem so it should be replaced

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Detect the Leakage location

Finding the leakage location is not very difficult. It is very bad if your toilet keeps on running all the time. It is only a wastage of water but also a wastage of money. It also looks bad if the floor of the bathroom is always wet.

Follow the steps given below to detect the leakage location

  • Remove the cover of the toilet tank
  • Now just wait for the toilet to stop working
  • Add some dye to the tank to track the location of the leakage
  • If you notice that the flapper has leakage, press on it and observe if the color dye is flowing towards the flapper and if it’s not the case, simply lengthen the chain that is holding the flapper
  • If the color dye is flowing towards the flapper then you need to change the flapper

Flapper Replacement

Follow the steps given below to replace the flapper:

  1. Remove the lid of the toilet tank
  2. Release all the water from the tank
  3. Turn off the water supply
  4. The flapper is fixed to the flush valve. Simply, detach the flapper from the flush valve
  5. Slide the chain from the lifter’s arm clip
  6. Now fix the new flapper perfectly, follow the reverse steps of disassembling.

Note: make sure to buy a new flapper that has the same size and shape as the old one. Otherwise, it will not fit properly and may cause leakage.

toilet flapper replacement

Fill valve Replacement

The fill valve simply floats on the water surface. It is the main mechanical component that predicts the water to enter the tank or stop entering the tank. When it reaches the level it stops water to enter the tank.

It looks like a cylinder is present around the fill valve. It is not difficult to replace the fill valve, sometimes it is enough to replace the fill valve to stop the running all the time. Follow the steps given below:

  1. First of all, stop the water supply to the tank
  2. Remove the water from the toilet tank as much as possible. When you remove the valve the water left may fall on the floor
  3. Now slip the refill tube away from the overflowing tube and remove the lock of the fill valve
  4. Replace the new fill valve, make sure to locate the float at least 1 inch above the water level. Screw the lock with light hands and clip the refill tube on the overflow tube

Bottom Line

We have devised a proper guide for you on how to fix a Kohler Toilet that keeps on running. These are the verified and tested steps of the professionals and if you follow these steps accurately, you will surely fix the problem.

Keep in mind that there are only 2 issues that cause the water to run non-stop from the toilet: damaged flapper or the fill valve. These given steps are enough to troubleshoot the problem.  

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