How to Find American Standard Toilet Model Number in 2021

How to Find American Standard Toilet Model Number in 2021

American standard toilets are made of super high-quality materials. They remain strong and powerful for years. But, in a situation where you have to get your toilet replaced or repair something due to damage, the thing that will let you start your process would be the model number of your existing toilet.

The plumber would definitely need to know the exact name of your toilet and its model number when he’s been called for any kind of fixation or replacement. The majority of the people totally forget that there actually exists a model number for your toilet. And that’s completely fine. You won’t need that much often. But, in case you do, here’s how you can find it.

You can find the American Standard Toilet Model number inside your toilet tank’s lid or within the tank itself. Just open up the lid, and look for the model number on the lid as well as on the underside of the tank. Every toilet comes with a stamped model number.

Are Toilet Tanks Interchangeable?

Toilet tanks are not really interchangeable. That’s because different brands manufacture toilets in different ways. The shapes, sizes, and even the designs could greatly differ. However, if your toilet tank needs to be replaced, you must look for the tank from the same manufacturer. This would somehow increase the chances of your tank being fitted in a better way.

Many people end up buying a tank from different manufacture. This makes the tank and toilet both from different manufacturers. In such a case, the pipes, screws, bolts, and other stuff may seem to fit nicely but your tank and bowl would still face problems.

Tanks and bowls from different manufacturers can lead to poor bowl balance and hardware not aligning properly. Your tank could even be leaky or wobbly.

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How and Where to Find American Standard Toilet Model Number?

How and Where to Find American Standard Toilet Model Number

The model numbers for American Standard toilets are usually present on the inner side of the tank lid, or inside the tank itself. You can first look at the lid. If not found there, then it must be inside the tank.

Here is how you can find them.

  • Remove the tank lid and look for the model number on its inner side. You’ll probably find it on the bottom side of the lid. It may be stamped, printed. It could even be handwritten by a plumber; in case the tank has been previously replaced.
  • If the model number isn’t present on the tank lid, look for it inside the tank. You might need a flashlight for a clear vision. In most cases, you’ll find it above the waterline. If not, it would either be present below the water line or behind the fill valve. Just make sure you take a deep look inside the whole tank.
  • Usually, the model number would be present on the inner backside of the tank. It may not be visible due to the dirt or debris. Make sure you clean the inside back of the tank with a cloth and look for the model number there too.

How Can You Tell How Old a Toilet Is?

Inside the toilet tank, you’ll find the manufacturing date of the toilet in a stamped form. It would be somewhere around the model number.

American Standard Toilet Model Numbers

Just to give you an idea of what the model numbers of American Standard toilets look like, here are a few examples of some particular toilets and their model number.

  • Clarion – 4057
  • Heritage – 2031
  • Cadet – 2099 or 2100
  • Iris – 4206
  • Estate – 4570

In What Situations Will You Need Toilet’s Model Number?

Mostly, when your toilet needs some kind of repair or replacement, you would need its Model Number. There could be four situations where you’ll need to know your toilet’s model number.

  • For Installation Process and Instructions
  • For Repairing Instructions
  • For Purchase of Replacement Parts
  • For Toilet’s Warranty Information

In What Situations Will You Need Toilet’s Model Number

Installation process and Instructions

For the installation of an American Standard toilet, you must know the model number. The reason behind this is to overcome or resolve any problems you might face during the installation. Different types of toilets require different techniques to be installed.

Whether you install a toilet on your own or hire a plumber, you would need to know the model number in both cases, to have your toilet installed perfectly.

Repairing Instructions

At some point of continuously using your toilet, you might need to get some parts repaired due to some damage or simply being old. In this case, also, you’ll need the model number to have your concerned part repaired according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It could be difficult for the manufacturer to help you with a solution if you couldn’t tell the model number.

Purchase of Replacement Parts

For the replacement of some parts of your toilet, you cannot just go to the market and grab the spares. You’ll definitely need to know the model number because almost every toilet is different from the other, and so are their parts.

To find the replacement parts that would fit perfectly in terms of size and brand, you must know the model number of the toilet.

Toilet’s Warranty Information

If you’re looking for any information regarding the warranty of your toilet, you should know the exact model. That’s because not all American Standard warranties are created alike. They could be different for different toilets. In the event that you lose the original documentation for your toilet and there is a problem, you will need its model number to access the warranty.

Our Verdict

You may not need the Model number of your toilet very often. But in case you do, you must know where to find it. In case you need to know your toilet’s model number and you’ve tried your best but couldn’t find it anyway, you should contact the manufacturer’s customer support service.

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