American Standard H2Option – Dual Flush Elongated Toilet

American Standard H2Option – Dual Flush Elongated Toilet

The American Standard toilet line has proven to be an American-made toilet that is truly redesigned for the way we live today. Plumbers recommend American Standard as the best toilet on the market and one of the cheapest. These toilets have a high flushing power while conserving water. Additionally, many of these toilets are ADA compliant and feel like you’re seated on a very comfortable chair as you go to the bathroom.

Among the biggest achievements of the H2Option is its dual flush system. This feature alone makes it a better model. This two-piece American Standard H2Option bowl unit is ideal for bathrooms that have little space. It has a round front that makes it easier to clean. It consists of both half and full flush options in its dual flush design. Half-flushing consumes only 1 gallon per flush, while a full flush consumes 1.6 gallons. Water flow is made more efficient by this feature, which does not cost you any resources. There is a patent-pending technology that uses siphonic action to provide a quieter flush while using less water.

Moreover, the H2Option has been made easy to install. It comes with pre-assembled parts and is also fitted with grommets and bolts. Those features make it possible to connect the toilet in less time than other toilets so that you can use it at once.

The market today is saturated with toilets of all heights, especially taller toilets because they are more in demand. One of the best and convenient toilets on the market is manufactured by American Standard Company. The purpose of this article is to give users an understanding of what H2Options offers them.

Is the American standard H2Option a good toilet?

Is the American standard H2Option a good toilet


According to both volume of sales and user ratings, the American Standard H2Option is one of the highest-rated toilets. American Standard’s Everclean surface keeps the toilet bowl clean, making it one of the most affordable toilets from the brand. The Everclean surface is one of the best features found on more expensive toilets.

The two flushes provided on this dual-flush toilet produce extremely low water usage. Rather than using a lot of water, this toilet’s PowerWash rim effectively removes waste.

It’s refreshing to see that American Standard goes that little bit further to ensure that their customers have a positive experience with their products. They pre-assemble the loose parts, 100% factory tests, and provide a 5-year guarantee.

Is American Standard a good brand?

There is no doubt that American Standard is a good brand. This brand is among the most innovative and competitive in the sanitaryware industry today. Besides homeowners, American Standard offers products and services to businesses as well. The need for water and bath fixtures is ubiquitous. In addition to offering new homes and new buildings water-efficient products, the brand has also helped renovators and contractors renovate or remodel their properties.


American Standard H2Option – Features and Benefits

Product Features
American Standard H2Options
● A system with dual flushing
● Siphonic dual flush
● An elegant design with a smart look

One of the most reliable toilet flushing systems in the industry is the H2Option toilet, which is designed for high performance with fewer clogs. An advanced flushing system ensures a longer, more reliable flush with the two-piece toilet. Each flush uses only 1 to 1.6 gallons of water, ensuring water efficiency. The H2Option toilet uses less water per flush compared to a standard toilet, so not only is it more environmentally friendly, but it also saves you money.

It is really easy to clean this toilet because of its sleek style and design. By making the surface silver-ion infused, algae and bacteria are prevented from growing on it. In addition, bad odors are prevented from accumulating, creating a permanent stain-free surface. Therefore, the surface is never dirty and easy to clean.

American Standard H2Option - Features and Benefits

Which is better, TOTO or American Standard?

The Toto toilet is an exceptional product that is superior in many ways to the American Standard toilet. From standard toilets to ADA-compliant models, Toto has a wide range of products. American Standard, on the other hand, provides high-quality toilets. There is no comparison between American Standard and Toto when it comes to comfort. Many homeowners are able to install affordable toilets in their homes through American Standard. The American Standard brand is a good choice if you want an affordable toilet that is of high quality.

American Standard H2Option toilets offer the following great features and benefits:

  1. Elegant and stylish design
  2. Cleaning and flushing system
  3. The elongated bowl
  4. Consumption
  5. Installer-friendly

1. Elegant and stylish design

Many conventional toilets are made of vitreous china, including this high-efficiency toilet. Bathrooms and restrooms with small interior spaces will benefit from the round-fronted bowl of this toilet. Push-button actuators with chrome plating make this flushing product seamless and convenient. In addition, the 2-inch trap-way boosts the flushing action by allowing the glass to completely cover it.

2. Cleaning and flushing system

With the American Standard H2Option, a powerful flush is achieved by using a dual-flush system. You have the option to flush partially or fully with this system. This toilet is EPA WaterSense certified and thus offers rebates to consumers whose water bills are low because it has a low water volume partial-flush capability. Additionally, PowerWash ensures thorough rim cleaning. These flushing options together ensure efficient flushing. As well as preventing bacteria, odors, and mold from forming, an EverClean surface promotes a cleaner work environment.

3. The elongated bowl

Since elongated bowls don’t have corners or edges that would collect dirt or debris, cleaning them is much easier and quicker. The area is also large enough for cleaning and sitting comfortably. A toilet is accessible to even tall and obese people.

American Standard H2Option The elongated bowl

4. Consumption

There are 1.6 gallons of water used to flush this toilet, which does not meet EPA water-saving standards. Partial flushes are still compliant, and in certain areas, you will still qualify for rebates on your water bills.

5. Installer-friendly

To connect the waste pipe to the toilet, a 12-inch hole is used. Installing this two-piece toilet is very similar to that of many other models, however, the bolts and grommets are pre-installed. The toilet can then be installed faster because of this pre-installation.

How do I fix my American Standard toilet?

When a toilet tank slowly leaks, you will likely need to replace the flap or flush valve in order for the fill valve to work properly and refill the tank with water. The American Standard flushing mechanism has a circular rubber disc that must be replaced first if it is a rubber disc. It is best to bring the part with you to the store so you can find a suitable match; there are multiple styles available. This connection will be made by screwing or snapping.

What is American standard water sense?

By using WaterSense products and services, and changing their behavior, consumers can help conserve water. You can reduce the cost of monthly expenses, save on natural resources and reduce water consumption with WaterSense certified products.

With more high-performance toilets than any other brand, American Standard utilizes less water and meets or exceeds maximum flushing. The toilet is the most common source of water usage in the home. Using only 1 to 1.6 gallons of water per flush (GPF), our WaterSense certified high-efficiency toilets (HETs) deliver superior performance and fewer clogs, while using less than 30% less energy. There is 20 percent less energy usage than traditional 1.6 GPF models.

Pros and Cons

  • With dual flushing and ultra-low water usage, this toilet uses 1.0 to 1.6 Gallons per flush
  • Water is efficiently used with the PowerWash rim
  • The trap way is completely glazed
  • Toilet bowls and toilets remain clean with an Everclean surface
  • During installation, it is easier to handle the separate tank and bowl
  • There is no seat included in the H2Option
  • This type of surface can accumulate dirt easily and be difficult to clean


Our Verdict

The American Standard team did their best to create the best toilet you’ll ever own for many years to come. Personally, we believe it is a great deal. The two-piece design makes it easier to install and flush, as you don’t have to lift as much weight. When you want a quality toilet at a reasonable price, you can overlook the problems most people have with it. Getting the toilet to flush is also easy with a button on top of the toilet. Thus, it gives the toilet a more sleek look and makes it stand out from the toilets in other houses.

Certainly, these are incredibly comfortable for tall people or the elderly who have knee and back pain. This toilet has a lot of impressive features and is excellent in every aspect.

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